Tick Tea!!!

Or, if you don't speak "Scott-ish", Trick or Treat!! The first year trick or treating with Scott was a blast! It's amazing the things you can get a kid to say when a smartee is on the line. He learned "trick or treat" faster than he has ever learned to say anything else in his LIFE!!!

He was SUCH a good sport with his Winnie the Pooh costume, and kept his head on the whole time!! His chubby cheeks fit into the costume SO well, he fit the part to perfection!

Mommy took Scott to the ward's trunk or treat on Wednesday, but Daddy was sick. So Daddy took him out for round two on Halloween night! Neither outing lasted very long, since Scott got tired of collecting and wanted to RUN... not such a great idea on dark nights in the street. He's such a ball of energy!

Here he is with his Halloween night loot...

He didn't mess around and wanted us to open on right away!! He got a lollipop, and didn't fall asleep til far past his bedtime. Ahh, the joys of Halloween sugar rush!

First Annual Sister's Retreat

I got to spend 2 days with my wonderful sisters, just playing and eating and being goofs. I love them!!! People actually asked us more than once if we were sisters... duh! I am already looking forward to doing it again next year. I am lucky enough to be their sister, but BLESSED to be their friend! Love you girls!!!

SLC Children's museum

Picture this: an adorable toddler in the Children's museum. He is running around in excitement, discovering new and awesome things!

Splashing in water, and watching balls float down the "rivers"

And being followed by 6 adults!!!!

We had a great day out with the family, and it was totally fun for everyone to be there with Scott to play and have fun. Nana and Papa came up from St. George, and we met Ali and Adam at the Gateway Mall in SLC.

Scotty's favorites at the museum were the connecting magnets, and he sat there with Papa for a long time, putting them together and pulling them apart. Scott just loves to have all these people love him, and is a master at being center of attention! This was definitely a good practice!!

When Aunt McKenna is in Charge

Q: What is the best thing to do with a huge tub of crayon's in CiCi and Bubba's living room?

A: "what's that mom... not this? Ohhhh......"


A bunch of tough guys, at a play date, handing out free hugs. We could totally use these for embarrassment's sake later in their lives.

But for now... just too cute!

Love you, man!

Little Giant

The title of this blog is appropriate on so many levels!

Daddy got a new trimmer and was out giving it a test run. He turned around to discover that Scott had learned rather quickly how to climb the ladder and was at the top!!! He, of course, was snatched down right away and the pictures are taken with daddy close for catching... I'd say we escaped a bad fall, but the kid was all over it. He had good footing and a good grip, and was being a manly man!

The concentration is adorable!


It's messy, it's colorful (a lot of them are "boo" which adds extra bonus points), and he can draw with them WHEREVER he wants outside!! What's not to love for a messy 20 month old boy??

Too bad it wasn't on paper, or I could have sold it for millions. Maybe he's the future of sidewalk art in the city!?

Hello October, Goodbye October

It feels like Ive skipped 31 days in time! My last blog post was 9-29-09, and it is now Nov 2, 2009. What happened to Oct, you ask?! Well.... a LOT happened! So much that I didn't have time for blogging. BUT, prepare yourself, because this is the beginning of "Jessi's Blogs of October", also known as "BLOGTOBER"..... here we go!