My 3rd Teething Ring

Scott is teething, and so I bought a teething ring to freeze and let him chew on... first one: found it outside in the grass the next morning (dog stole it!); second one: found outside the next morning, next to the first one... this is the 3rd one, and its staying on HIGH counters and in the fridge at all times! But Scott sure does love it, as this picture so wonderfully captures! :)

The week in pictures

Its been a whole week since Ive posted, and I know that means all of Scott's fan's are getting anxious! We have had a crazy week!! Our AC went out, so we had an ordeal of a time getting that taken care of, the bug man came (we found a scorpion under the fridge), we bought some new furniture for our guest room (information anyone traveling to AZ in the future will like to hear), and much more! On Saturday, Dude Scott and I went to an outdoor concert at the local mall (which is 2 minutes from my house: more motivation for those possible visitors) and the security guards were passing out glow sticks. Scott didnt really care, although I was hoping he would be fascinated by them... my other boy sure was thrilled to have them to play with!

My friend Amy and I started a moms group in the area for new moms with kids under 1, and we had our first meetup this week. There were 4 women there, all with little boys: Im excited to get to know them better and for Scott to have playmates! There are more women who have signed up for it, and we are hoping for it to be a nice sized group of tight knit women and kids!
I left Scott with Daddy while I ran to WalMart without telling Dude that I was leaving Scott (scott was napping, I thought he would notice) :) Anyways, its a good thing Dude decided to check Scott's room (just in case) and this is what he found... our cute little guy peeking through the rails!
"Hi dad! Have you come to save me?"

Luckily, we dont have any pictures to document to broken AC or the bug guy... so Ill skip those parts, but I DO have bathtime pics! Since Scott has learned to sit up, he wants to do it everywhere, including the slippery bathtub. He hasnt had a tip-over there yet, but I sure dont let go of him very often.

Champion of Sitters

Scott sat for a record time of 10 minutes today before losing his balance at all!! Usually, he can sit for quite a while at a time, as long as i rebalance him often, but 10 minutes without any assistance!! Woohoo!!!!

The First Renovation

The Kitchen



Getting Scott to laugh is one of Dude's favorite things to do, and he always accomplishes his goal with flying colors! He got Scott going today so i pulled out my new video camera (thanks dude!) and caught the cuteness for all to enjoy!!

5 months

Scott just passed his 5 month old mark this week, so I wanted to post about what he is doing! He is the master roller: front to back, back to front... to get to toys and places! He also does an army crawl type scoot and gets himself going in circles, inching forwards or backwards and will end up in a whole new place if you let him play long enough. He is getting much better at self entertaining, and now that he has his own room, he can go on and on talking to his toys and playing.
I put him in his room just last night, and noticed that he had gotten himself up on his knees!!!! He's gonna be mobile before I know it!

He sits up for a minute... as long as he is balancing himself and doesnt get too excited about anything and start to wiggle. In that case, its all over! He talks! yells, that is: all the time! He makes funny faces as he tries to get his tongue and lips in the right position for certain noises to come out. He is eating cereal, and sleeping from 9-7 most nights! At 4 months, he weighed in at 19 lbs 1 oz, and at 5 months he is still under 20 lbs, so I think he has slowed the weight gain down just a bit! His hair is starting to grow longer, and the fuzz that he has now sticks straight up! The outfit you see in the above picture is officially a 12 month size!!!!! So besides the fact that i moved from UT to AZ and the 12 month clothes i have are all winter clothes, he wont be able to wear a single thing because its still 100 degrees here! I can always hope he stays the same size for the next 6 months... or Ill have to time our next one so that SOMEONE can wear these clothes someday.

We love Scott! He is such a happy baby! The only cries are when hes hungry! He can be tired and hot and in the middle of a crowded theme park, and he will still give smiles and be chill! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful spirit in our home, and we are loving watching him grow into a strong, handsome little dude! We hope you are enjoying the show as much as we are!

Scott and Sam

Scott just loves Sam... usually just Sam being Sam can get Scott laughing and giggling. This video doesnt catch laughing, but it captures a few cute moments, and theres a nice surprise for Ali and Micki at the end!!

Francis Family Vacation

Devan is leaving for Puerto Rico on Oct 22, and we couldnt let him go without having one more of our always awesome family vacations! Dude and I look forward to these vacations, and all the good times that are always associated, and we are so excited to be able to include Scott in all the fun! We went to California this week, and met the Francis clan there. We spent 4 days at 6 flags, riding rollercoasters til our brains were mush! Swimming, rollercoaters, good food and laughs: lather rinse repeat! We had a great time, and Scott was the angel baby he has always been, and SOAKED UP all of the attention! Here are some pics of the week!!