Scotty the Snowman

When Scott and I arrived in Utah a week before Dude, it was SNOWING! And it snowed every day!! But I resisted and insisted on waiting to take Scott out until Dude arrived. I'd love to say that Scott loved the snow... but it just didnt seem to be the case. He was.... intrigued seems like a good word for it...
We just stayed in my parents yard, as we knew it wasnt gonna last long, and didnt want a grumpy baby anywhere farther than a few feet from warmth! Daddy pulled mommy and Scott around on the sled, which was not Scott's favorite thing, and he was constantly trying to turn around and climb up his mommy.
When we put Scott on his tummy in the snow, he seemed fascinated. He looked at it, and rubbed his mittened hand around. Bad idea of the day: took Scott's mitten off and made him touch the snow. That turned him quickly from fascinated to ticked, and the mitten was back on faster than you can say "bob's your uncle".

But, despite the lack of fun he had, and the short time we were out there... LOOK HOW CUTE!! I'd bundle that kid up and torture him anyday for cute pictures and memories like this! What a fun first snow day, and we hope they just get better as he gets older and more adventurous (heaven help me) :)

Its a Bird, Its a Plane... Its Scott

Scott just loves his Bubba... and if I were to guess why he loved him so much, this would have to be one of the reasons. Scott loves to fly!! If he weren't such a chunk, Id do this all the time, but Im pretty confident that I would drop him after one flight, and he cant have just one flight. As soon as the first is over, he kicks his legs in excitement and anticipation for the next. After a while, by the time Bubba is tired and ready for a nap, Scott will actually nose-dive towards the ground, knowing that its that HORTIZONTAL position that gets him where he wants to go!

Amadeus Scotzart

We just returned from being in Utah for Christmas. At Scott's CiCi and Bubba's house (those are the names for his Grandma and Grandpa Francis) there is a piano. Scott LOVES banging on things, and so I thought Id test him out on this. He is so cute. He pounds and pounds, lifting his hands up high before hitting the keys, and after what I can only assume is a "number" he stops, turns, and waits for applaude from his captive audience. And so I recorded it, for tangible proof when he's older that he DOES like the piano, and that he SHOULD take lessons. Here's the evidence!

9 months going on 4 years old

Our little guy had his 9 month well-baby appointment. He weighed in at 24 lbs 9 oz, was 30 inches long, and the Dr was (as always) so impressed with all of the things he is doing. He stands and walks along furniture (stood for himself for a total of 3 seconds the other day!!!), waves, does "touchdown", claps his hands, does "high five", eats finger foods (dr said he can start meat now, he LOVED it!!), and has 4 teeth. Here are a few pictures of his 9th month.
Getting ready for the day with daddy is Scott's favorite morning activity. He will just watch in amazement. Easy and cheap entertainment, i tell ya!
Scott and I had a "two top teeth" photo shoot. It took a lot of tries, and getting him to look at a ceiling fan and then take the picture before he looked down too fast. Needless to say, you CAN see them, athought they arent tho most flattering shots of the little guy. He is so fun and full of energy. We are so grateful to have such a happy spirit in our home!!


Smile and Wave

Every now and then, Scott would wave his arm at Dude when Dude was waving at him. So we decided to start TRYING to get him to wave, while saying "say hi" and "wave bye bye". So, as a result, Ive been practicing in front of a mirror with him a lot lately, and yesterday he got the hang of it. And as the day progressed, it turned from an arm wave, to a wrist flick wave, and now hes flicking his wrists all the time, whether you ask him to wave or not. Hes funny about learning something new, it becomes "his thing" for a while. He waved hello to CiCi on Skype, and to Jenna when we arrived at her house today. Still doesnt wave bye bye. Maybe thats cause he never wants to leave!

And now the whole world (or those of you in the world that check my blog) knows that I didnt make my bed this morning... fantastic!

All I Want for Christmas

I know i said that Scott asked for a puppy for Christmas, but I must have been wrong. After at least a month of totrue, pain and terribly SWOLLEN gums, Scott finally got his two front teeth!! He now has 4 teeth, top two and bottom two. So, never is it more appropriate for me to sing the song "All Scott wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth". I just dont know what we can get him now that will ever top how he feels now that those dang teeth are in. He's a whole new, wonderfully happy, TOOTHY kid!
Ive been trying and trying and trying to get a picture of these infamous top teeth, but Scott is playing hard to get. Just know they are there, and someday, when he finally shows those things, you'll know they didnt just appear overnight. Hes been working long and hard on them, and his pain is over... at least until the next set starts. Wonder how much time I have, I better enjoy it!!
This is Scott's Christmas outfit. It wasnt meant to be that way, but it fits now, and it looks Holiday-ey, so it is now officially THE OUTFIT. Isnt he a doll???

Jolly Ol St Nicholas

Scott went with his friends Anderson, Roman and Ryland to see the big guy today. The plan was not to get pictures, since Santa is an expensive man to see... but we found a sneaky way around it. Don't anyone go telling my secret, I dont want elves raiding my house at night for money, or to take me away to jail, or; worst of all, be put on the "naughty list"!!!
My friend Amy (Andersons mom) has an AWESOME camera, in fact, we're pretty sure it was the same camera that Santa's helper had attached to her camera stand! So, we just let Anderson sit on Santa's lap first, and then Amy stood by and shot pictures while the others were being taken, and we didnt have to pay ANYTHING... but I still got some awesome shots of Scott and Santa.
Scott wasnt afraid at all, and I actually had a hard time getting him to look at me, the camera lady, or ANYTHING but that beard and red suit! The man had a REAL live beard (of course, why would Santa wear a FAKE beard??? :) but that means I, and all the other moms I was with, was concerned for the safety of Santa's face. Babies who dont cry on Santa's lap are more likely to grab a handful of beard and TUG! But, Santa survived our curious bunch unscathed!

Scott asked Santa for a puppy... not gonna happen! ;) At least he didnt ask for a bbgun, he'd shoot his eye out!!

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....

Well, maybe its NOT beginning to look at lot like Christmas, but whatever! Christmas season is here, whether it looks like it or not!!
I put up our Christmas tree, and am still debating whether or not to put ornaments on it... maybe just high enough that dog and child cannot reach. But still, Ive been lighting it up anyways, getting at least the inside of my house feeling like Christmas!

Tuesday night we were able to go see the Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple! It was beautiful! Lights EVERYWHERE!!! Although, I do have to admit, its really strange for me to be seeing Christmas lights when Im perfectly comfortable in a light jacket... its just not right!!

Scott was fascinated by the lights, and during the concert they had that evening (a high school choir singing Christmas carols) Scott thought it was awesome when everyone clapped at the end of each number. He's not used to that, and it stopped whatever he was doing every time, so he could watch everyone clapping! Such a funny little guy!

The lights behind us are all crazy, but aside from the fact that my head and Dude's face are being attacked by lights, I liked this family picture! You can see in the back how they put lights on the palm trees... again, weird! :)

The group we went with!! Deni, Joel and Roman; Amy, Michael and Anderson. We had a great time showing them around the place, and getting into the Christmas spirit! Sure they got cornered by a missionary, but hey! Whats a good temple lights trip without a testimony of a young man firm in his faith?! We are looking forward to a month full of Christmas fun, and years and years of traditions to come!! Let the celebrations begin!!

Count Your Many Blessings

We returned on Sunday from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah. It was a great trip!! I carved my first Turkey, made my first apple pie (with the help of my mother in law) and participated in 3 delicious Thanksgiving dinners! The Bori's came to UT from Florida, and they were the reason for our drive up! We spent our days hanging out and watching Scott be cute, and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Unfortunately, Im not the one that took pictures, and I havent gotten them from the photographers yet. So, in order to not be posting about Thanksgiving weeks later, I thought I'd post now and add pictures later.
About 2 months ago, I was challenged by a friend to write what I was grateful for every day from then until Thanksgiving... and I did! And here it is!!
Oct 6- Im grateful to have in-laws that I love
Oct 7- Im grateful for a beautiful, healthy baby boy!
Oct 8- Im grateful that my husband is such a good daddy to his son
Oct 9- Im grateful for the new tires on my truck... they were expensive and I hated them, but they get me where I need to go!
Oct 10- Im grateful to have friends near and far!
Oct 11- Im grateful for movie days with Jenna
Oct 12- Im grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ
Oct 13- Im grateful for chances I have to learn
Oct 14-Im grateful for the weather in AZ
Oct 15-Im grateful for my calling
Oct 16- Im grateful for HOME
Oct 17- Im grateful for teeth that come in like magic!
Oct 18- Im grateful to have a sister named Ali Scissorhands
19- Im greatful for the missionary program of the church
Oct 20-Im grateful for my new, awesome, rest of my life JOB
Oct 21- Im grateful for a professional mom to teach me the way
Oct 22- Im grateful for a brother willing to serve the Lord!
Oct 23- Im grateful that my son will never doubt that he is loved!
Oct 24- Im grateful for a smart husband
Oct 25- Im grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
Oct 26- Im grateful that Dude's 4 sisters treat me like #5.
Oct 27- Im grateful for all the things I learned from my parents about how to be good and love it
Oct 28- Im grateful for the internet.
Oct 29- Im grateful that I have found a group of great friends in my new spot
Oct 30- Im grateful for the 99 cent only store. So many things to be found!
Oct 31-Im grateful that Scott is big and strong. Fat baby = healthy baby
Nov 1- Im grateful for leaves that change color (at least SOMEWHERE in the world they do)
Nov 2- Im grateful that I went to Florida to be a custodian
Nov 3- Im grateful for machines that do the laundry for me
Nov 4- Im grateful that I live in the United States of America
Nov 5- Im grateful for the best dad!
Nov 6- Im grateful for airplanes. Never knew how grateful I'd be til I moved away from home.
Nov 7- Im grateful for a roof over my family's head
Nov 8- Im grateful for
Nov 9- Im grateful for webcams
Nov 10- Im grateful that my mom taught me to cook
Nov 11- Im grateful that Albert James "Dude" Bori was born 26 years ago
Nov 12- Im grateful for the Ensign
Nov 13- Im grateful to be a daughter, sister, wife, aunt, and mom.
Nov 14- Im grateful for infant tylenol
Nov 15- Im grateful to know where i came from and where Im going
Nov 16- Im grateful to be able to bear children
Nov 17- Im grateful for those forever friends!
Nov 18- Im grateful for libraries
Nov 19- Im grateful for health insurance
Nov 20- Im grateful that I can walk
Nov 21- Im grateful for walk in closets
Nov 22- Im grateful for trials
Nov 23- Im grateful for my littlest sister McKenna. Shes 16 already, I cant believe it!
Nov 24- Im grateful for all the ways to keep in touch with friends!
Nov 25- Im grateful that my husband is so thoughtful!
Nov 26- Im grateful for night time road trips so Scott can sleep
Nov 27- Im grateful for my happy life!!

It was interesting for me to go back and read the list. I could tell what was going on in my life according to what I was thanksful for. My life is so blessed, and I am so glad to have had that chance to remind myself of how blessed i am every day! Thanks Jenna! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family, and Scott was so happy to be surrounded by people to play with. He wasnt bored for one second, and once again, Im paying for it now that its just he and I back at home! Pictures to come!!