Eating cereal

After a few failed attempts, that either ended in screaming bloody murder or a look of such sheer disgust that we couldnt bring ourselves to continue: Scott has gotten the hang of eating cereal out of a spoon. He likes the taste, and most of it stays in his mouth, despite his tongue, which is trained from before birth to come OUT when foot is offered. The problem now is that he SCREAMS between every bite... we think it must be because hes used to a steady stream of food at meal time, none of this "pause between bites" stuff. Needless to say, there are still improvements to be made, but hes getting it, and hes growing up so fast!!

Warming up my Vocalizers

No matter what he is doing, what fun toy he is or is not playing with... Scott is a yeller! He talks, coos, squeals, and grunts. Nonstop! It's cute and all... but makes things like restaraunts and church much more interesting. Here's a little performance for his fans!


He is finally big enough for the white shirt and tie he was given, and he looked like a stud!! Daddy said he was ready to pass the sacrament, or to go straight to his mission now! We offered him to the sister missionaries in our ward if they ever need someone for splits!

4 Month Stats

My little tank had his 4 month dr. appointment this week, and the results are in!!
19 lbs 1 oz (99th percentile)
26.5 inches (97th percentile)
Head circumference (50th percentile)

The Dr was amazed at how strong and alert Scott is! He is doing everything that a 4 month old is expected to do, plus some!! He's HUGE, he's so fun, and we have loved the past 4 months... we're looking forward to the things ahead!

Oh... and this is his newest thing. He just sticks his tongue out. He goes about his normal business, just has his tongue hanging out. It improves his drooling skills 5 points!

Our New Home: A Walk Through

We just sold our home in UT (I hope the couple is cool enough for you guys in Spanish Fields... my bad if they are terrible!) and found one here in Mesa that we love. We made an offer, and they didnt even try to counter... just accepted! This home has been so recently remodeled that the carpet hadnt been installed yet, so I got to go pick the carpet yesterday! We are so excited to have a place for visitors to stay now, so start booking flights now!!

Big and Strong

Scott is getting so big and strong that his daddy will lean over him, and Scott's legs can push against daddy's weight. He loves to be in a standing position and has been able to hold his own weight since day 1. Scott has a toy elephant that hangs from his carseat, that virates up when you pull it down. Until this week, he has just batted and grabbed at it, but got frustrated before he figured out what to do. Now, he knows how it works and loves it... it keeps him entertained in the car (at least for a minute)! Here are some more big and strong things this little guy has been up to....

Don't be fooled by the following picture, Scott does not sit up on his own..... for long. Almost immediately he folds in half forwards, until hes eating his own feet. A little more practice tho, and he'll be there!

And last, he ROLLED! The boy is officially mobile. I find him flipped over nearly every time i go to get him from a nap/in the morning. This time, I rolled him back to his tummy and got the camera (which is why he's mad at me... i touched him, but didnt pick him up) This is gonna be one active little dude, and Im sure I will get a daily workout chasing him around the house. No more need for a gym pass when I have Scott!! That would be the one place he SAVES me any money, the little cash vacuum!!!! :)

Our Holiday Weekend

It included swimming (twice), a 4th of July BBQ (yes, even with three of us... the whole shebang!), fireworks and watermelon (together, of course), a new video camera from Dude for Jessi's birthday, THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY, minigolf, batting cages, arcade games, and a little prize stuffed tiger! One of my favorite weeks of the year, and this one did not disappoint. Thanks, Dude, for making my first 4th AND 5th away from home a great one!