Rub a Dub Dub

So, there MAY have been necessity for a pseudo first bath on the day when Isaac set a world record for pooping distance. 3 feet across the changing table and onto the dresser.

But we won't count that, because there were no cute infant tub... just a sink and a cup.

THIS is what we count! Isaac's umbilical cord fell off on day 8, and we gave him a bath in the nice steamy bathroom during his big brother's bath time. He loves the warm water... but getting him into the little baby "net" isn't always the warmest. He started the bath crying, spent the majority of it blanky staring and seemingly enjoying himself, and ended it crying when we pulled him out of the warm water naked and wrapped him in a towel.
I consider it a success...

Bath Buddies!

Big Brother Duty

Scott wants to help. He wants to hold Isaac. Mostly, he wants to wrestle and play... but when properly corralled, he is a superb big brother!

Every time Isaac is eating, Scott wants to be involved. Sometimes it lasts the whole feeding, and other times hes pushing him off in seconds. There IS playing to be done, you know...

And then there are moments like this, where my heart ends up in a puddle on the floor. They are gonna be best friends... if Scott can wait that long without body slamming him into a coma!

What Scott was Doing...

Because the Lord loves us, we are blessed with super awesome friends! Living in AZ away from family is, by far, one of the hardest things we have done. But when you are lucky like we are, friends become your "family away from family"!
Scott spent the time while Dude and I were in the hospital at his buddy Anderson's house. Anderson's parents, Amy and Michael, were kind enough (or naive enough) to offer to help! I was grateful that Scott had a place to go where he would know everyone, have a friend, and be comfortable!
Scott and Anderson have been buddies since before they were conscious enough to know they were buddies, and it's so fun to watch them grow up to be such different, fun boys. And they ARE friends. Anderson is the closest kid to Scott's size in playgroup, and they wrestle and play and have nonstop fun!
Scott had his first sleepover! He slept in a portable crib in the guest bedroom, because I can guarantee it would have been an interesting night if they had tried their luck at both boys in the same room!
Cute, cuddly stuff!

Our family feels so grateful for friends like the Martin's.

Time Flies

2 days old

One week old

10 days old

2 weeks old

A few things about Isaac: He has 3 cowlicks on the back of his head. It makes his hair do crazy things. His dad apologizes for the nearly inescapable buzz cut that will follow Isaac through his life.
He has a form on tongue tie called a posterior frenulum. It has an 85% chance of stretching and correcting itself, and not causing any problems with speech in his future. But it does cause us problems with breastfeeding, and after 2 weeks of wondering what we were doing wrong, we have moved on, and are all much happier!
He has 2 DEEP dimples. One in each cheek. They show up when he makes faces, and I find myself hoping for a funny face so that I can see them often!
In his 10 day picture, you can see the Oompa Loompa in him. Jaundice, but nothing that needs the lights or anything. Just your usual baby jaundice.

Oh, and one more thing: I'm truly madly deeply in love with him!! He is a blessing to our home and our family!

Brotherly Love

Scott didn't come to meet Isaac the first day. He had spent the whole day hanging out with Anderson and Amy (will fill you in on that adventure in the next post) and I didn't want him to come see us and then be dragged back to Amy's house for the night unhappy that he couldn't stay with us. So first thing Monday morning, he came to meet his new brother.
It was love at first sight. He wanted to hold Isaac right away, and was happy to give him kisses and hugs, point out all his body parts, and basically melt his mother's heart into a puddle!

I'm sure I am not alone when I say that I doubted the whole "you will always have enough love for them all" saying... but its so true. The love is not split, it is multiplied! I am so grateful!

Words cannot describe... pictures don't even do it justice. You have to see these two together in person to understand the magnitude of the cuteness! And its going on in my house all day every day!!

Isaac David- His Arrival Story

OK, here we go. The story... for all who may be interested. Anyone not interested: look at the pictures and move on to the next post for all I care! ;)

Sunday, Feb 21. I woke up at 6:30 am having contractions. But, if I were to describe them, it would be the equivalent of having monthly cramps (Im sure all the men can relate) and if I wasn't pregnant and expecting labor, it would have been a day to stay in my PJs with a heating pad and eat chocolate! I tried, unsuccessfully, to sleep through it, and decided to wake Dude up at around 8. I figured he could help me time them so that when I called my doula, Rose, I would have something of value to say!
I sent Dude to get our usual Sunday pancake breakfast started while I got in the shower. I tried to relax and distract myself, as I heard that was the best thing to do in early labor... so I shaved my legs (looking back at the full story,this is really a funny fact). Got to the kitchen by 8:20 and had Dude time my contractions as I poured the pancakes. They were about 3 minutes apart, but sometimes up to 5. I called Rose at 8:30, and she said that according to the sound of my voice (which was apparantly still quite pleasant) I was probably still in early active labor. She said that she would start getting ready and that I should keep her posted and call when I thought I was ready for her.
I called my good friend Amy, who had offered to take Scott. Expecting that I would be at home all day laboring, I told her today was the day, but to take her time and get Scott when they were ready.
Fast forward 35 minutes: By 9:10 am, I was having to breathe through my contractions, and focus on relaxing in between. I knew I needed Rose, and I also knew I needed Scott to be gone. He was so concerned for me that his daddy had to run him into the room in between contractions to give me kisses... because he stood outside my room saying "mom? ok?"... love that kid!
I asked Dude to call Rose and Amy and make sure they knew that they were needed and were at least en route. Amy was on her way, and Rose said she would be. By the time those phone calls were made, I was yelling every time I had a contraction. Dude would say "don't yell, you're supposed to be breathing and focusing". I told him there was no way I was NOT going to yell. I NEEDED to vocalize to get through it!!
At one point, I said to Dude (as I was bent over my birthing ball suffering through contractions) "i don't think I can do this". Of course, being the AWESOME support that he was, he told me of course I could, and that I was doing great. Looking back... this was me in transition. Getting SO close, and I had no idea!

Keep in mind, all of this is happening within minutes... by 9:40 Dude knew that we needed to get to the hospital when I started pushing!! I was sitting in my rocking chair at home, pushing with each contraction... and don't try to say "don't push", cause there just ISN'T a "don't push". Rose hadn't come yet, Amy had JUST arrived, and Dude was RUNNING back and forth. Giving directions, getting my things in the car, and rushing back every 1.5 minutes so that I could cling to him and I screamed and grunted! I was so delusional about my situation, that I refused to leave without the birthing ball in the car, and I reminded Dude to grab his swimming suit in case we could use their Japanese Soaking tub for some of the labor. He gathered them both, even though Im sure he could see that we wouldnt be using either of them. What a man! He totally rocked my world and was the BEST!!

9:55 am. We are in the truck (after stopping twice between the rocking chair and the car for contractions that stopped me in my tracks). I must say how grateful I am that the hospital is 2.5 minutes from our house, because in that short time, I had probably 4 contractions and my water broke. Yes, that is right... right on the seat of my husband's manly truck. Yes, we got the upholstery cleaned the very next day!
When we arrived at the hospital, I directed Dude to park on the curb (why on earth do hospitals not have valet parking?! That is a whole other blog... and a comedy routine by Brian Regan. Funny stuff, look it up) and as he helped me out of the car I stopped. I was having a contraction and I had to push. Standing in the parking lot... pushing. Who'da thought!? Luckily, an old man walking by got us a nurse and a wheelchair, and they rushed me in and pulled up the stirrups at 10:00 am

(p.s. check out the dimple... I'm blessed to have a husband with a dominant dimple gene that he is generously passing on to my adorable sons!)
The next 46 minutes are a blur. Rose arrived. The on call Dr arrived (my dr just wasnt close enough to the hospital to make it). They didn't stick one needle into me, and all they managed to get on me was a heart rate moniter taped to my toe (which at some point in between pushing I realized was there and said "what is that on my toe?") I think if I was observing myself I would have been laughing. I managed to ask questions and make jokes... WHILE giving birth!

At 10:46 am, Isaac David Bori was born via natural VBAC. The Lord blessed my body to do what needed to be done, and I felt like a total rock star! Everyone I talked to that day was told by me "I rock". I was on cloud nine! I feel so blessed to have had this experience, to have had such wonderful, supportive people around me, and to have my body do what I knew all along it could do! It was made to be a momma!! I am now surrounded by 3 sets of dimples, and can proudly say that I am in love with three men!
Isaac David Bori
7 lbs 12 oz 20.5 inches

Love is in the Air

Valentines Day weekend, we were all sick! We had been sick all through that week, and not much was happening as far as planning/shopping/thinking romantic Valentines Day thoughts.... plus, we were both hoping to be in the hospital giving birth to a baby by then. Thus defeating the purpose of having plans!
But, alas, Feb 15 (my due date) came and I was not in labor... so we decided to celebrate Valentines Day. Instead of trying to get a babysitter, I decided I would like both of my men to take me out, and Scott helped his dad take me on a date.
We had a great time at dinner. Scott was well behaved, watched some Elmo on the iphone (best invention ever!), at his dinner and let his mom and dad visit in peace.

This, I am proud to say, is Scott's very first photo shoot. We handed the camera over to him and showed him what button to push... and voila! This artistically executed shot of our awesome black shoes!! I think I have the next Ansel Adams on my hands!

MmMmm, Edamame. Cheesecake Factory has everything!!
And look how handsome my #2 date was!

My #1 Valentine!!! XOXO

Original plan: drop the kid at home after dinner and see a movie. Actual plan: went home, put the kid to bed and watched a movie at home cause we weren't quite feeling well enough to stay out late. Less exciting, but cozy and romantic!

Rock On!

Scott LOVES to dance, and he will walk around with Daddy's headphones on... doing his thing. He gets a little head bob going on and you can tell he totally digs it!
Also, this is his "smile". Ask him to smile, and this is what you're gonna get. Not exactly perfect, but he'll get there!

It seems like this should be an ad to sell headphones. It should...