Happy Birthday Scott!

After much backorder, and waiting and waiting... it has arrived!!!!!! The latest, and coolest birthday present ever!! Scott's Grampy and Grammy gave him this John Deere GREEN wagon (who ever said every kid needed a little red one anyways?)
Scott spent the whole time laughing and just had the biggest cheese grin spread across his face the whole time!!

This video goes to show the only benefit of having no grass... the ride was bumpy, promoting more laughing and fun for the little man!

Thank you Grampy and Grammy, Scott loves it already and has been taking shoes, spoons, and other random items to place inside since its arrival! Cant wait to try it at the zoo!

Back in Action

After 2 weeks in Utah, spending 95% of his time outside in the yard, the little dude is a little bit obsessed with the outdoors. So, thankfully, Arizona welcomed us home with cooler weather (mid to high 80s is COOL here) so we have been able to keep up our outdoor living. The park down the street has 3 new permanent residents, one short, one tall, and one furry!
Saturday family day out started at the pool! This particular pool has three short fountains that remain constant in height, and Scott thinks they are the best thing since.... me! He could stand there for hours and splash, kick, attempt to sit on the fountain (like other kids he watches) and stick his face straight into it!!
The only things that can peel Scott away from the fountains, are the froggy kid slide and realizing that crawling in the water is COOL! Only problem was that he didnt realize the water got deeper as he went, and he ended up practically swimming with the crawl motion, as Daddy held his tummy up. Cute stuff!

After dinner at a new restaraunt, we headed to the mall, where they hold outdoor concerts through the summer in their courtyard area. This concert was a Beatles cover band, and our little music man was SO INTO IT! We had a few old folks stop to ask if we had a Beatles fan on our hands, and by the end of the night, I think we did. He is such a funny dancer, I swear Ill get footage to prove it STAT!

In Daddy's hat. He only has it on still because he was distracted by the music. The man doesnt like hats... even though he looks adorable in them!!

To all of you that were thinking of checking yourself into rehab, or curled up in a corner from Scott withdrawals, the wait is over. We are back, and there is all sorts of summer fun to record! Stay tuned for more of the adventures and mischiefs of Scott the Great!!


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Adam Morales!! My gorgeous and wonderful sister got married in week 3, and I am happy to welcome Adam to the Francis Family!
Doesn't this look like it should be on the cover of a magazine? Get used to it, all pictures of this girl DO!
To Ali: You are such a happy and lovely person! I am one lucky duck to be able to call you my sister and, even better, my friend! I want nothing more than for you to find happiness (check) and hold onto it! Keep being your happy, wonderful self, and remember that your big sis down south misses you and loves you! Congrats to you, you guys are gonna rock it!! ;)
love Love LOVE!!

Return of the BLOG Monster!

Ok, ok mom... Im back! The past month has been so busy and insane. 3 weeks of vacation followed by one week of vacation recovery. Here's a quick recap, 'cause I hate to break it to you, but there is no blog long enough to hold the details of every event.
Week 1: The Bori's visited us in Arizona! We visited the grand canyon, hiked, swam, and watched Scott's general cute-ness. We LOVED having them at our house, filling it with happy memories and fun times! Come back, Bori's, come back!! ;)
Week 2: I was the girl's camp director this year, and so off I went! Hot in the day, freeze my toosh off at night. 10 girls, 3 leaders, 13 different personalities, more than enough conflicts, more fun than conflicts, I am so glad I went. Because of the Week 1 schedule, and the week 3, schedule, Dude had to work week 2, so we sent Scott to UT to be with his grandparents, where he schmoozed and flirted and came into week 3 with some serious fans!!!
Week 3: Our 4 year anniversary- I am the luckiest girl in the world! Week in UT with family- I am the luckiest girl in the world! Sushi, family, food and friends- I am the luckiest girl in the world!
Week 4: Laundry- Didn't feel as lucky this week! ;)