Welcome to the Jungle

Scott has recently taken to animal noises of all shapes and sizes. Besides the previously shown fishy, these are a few musical stylings of Scott as a few of our furry pals!

The first, is a monkey. Would have been useful if he had started this BEFORE Halloween, but Ill take what I can get. We were feeding him bits of banana as we ate our dinner, and each time his mouth was empty he started to make grunting noises that reminded us very much of the noise a monkey makes. We have determined that Scott has discovered the origin of the monkey's language. When Monkey has no bananas, he grunts: allow Scott to demonstrate!

The next animal in our "Scott Zoo" is a lion. Scott has been a little under the weather this past week or so, and has aquired somewhat of a frog in his throat (add that to the list of animals, I guess). Well, he learned that because of this scratchy voice, he can roar just like a lion! He does it ALL the time, and its very entertaining; especially in restaurants, meetings, and church. I'd really rather this be a monster, and have scary hands accompany it one day... but we'll go with the jungle theme and let it be a Lion for now. He is one of the King's in this jungle known as my home...

Tree Hugger

My wonderful mom bought me this awesome plant to go in the corner of my living room when she was visiting, and my cute son just loves it! It is the target of his mischief most of the time, and if I were to give credit to Scott's early crawling, this plant would be one of the responsible party's.
It is lucky for me that the leaves just pop right back on, because Scott's favorite thing to do with this plant is to pull everything he can off of it, and leave the pieces around the house as evidence of his trouble-making. The kid UNDERSTANDS no, and when he goes for the plant, I will say "no, scotty" and he'll turn, look at me with a HUGE grin, and turn back to his goal. The fact that Ive given up being consistent with pulling him away (since the leaves DO just pop back on) probably doesnt help him want to obey me any more. Oh well, he knows what the word means, I guess thats a start!

But seriously, you name me one person (besides Supernanny, that woman is inhuman!) who could punish a child with a face like this... betcha cant think of one!!

For Papi

Scott's hair is getting long enough that, in the bath when its soaking wet, it can hold a "do". When its dry, it stands straight up and theres nothing to be done about it. That's ok with me, cause i like the standing straight up! But since he was there, with the wet hair and we had a baby brush... what the heck! So, we did a mohawk, a spikey do like his daddy, everything combed forward and down (dumb and dumber style) and every way we could think of. This "do" is in honor of and for Papi. This may be the only part you ever see in this boy's hair, but here it is! A part, just for you!!


1. What is your husbands name? Albert James "Dude" Bori
2. How long have you been married? 3 and a half years
3. How long did you date? dated 7 months engaged for 3
4. How old is he? 26
5. Who eats sweets? We both do, but Im more addicted than he
6. Who said I love you first? Dude
7. Who is taller? Dude is 5' 10" Im 5'6
8. Who can sing better? we can both carry a tune, but would both say the other is better, im sure... so Dude is my answer
9. Who is smarter? This is not a question to promote marriage happiness, so i refuse to answer (ill take any votes, and i offer bribes when necessary) :)
10. Who does laundry? I do and I absolutely hate it!!
11. Who pays the bills? I do, Dude was the financial secretary on his mission, and somehow fulfilled his financial duty for the rest of his life :P
12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are standing at the foot of our bed it would be me.
13. Who mows the lawn? We have a lawn of deadness, but actually the last person to mow our weeds was ME!! Still working on some landscaping something or other...
14. Who cooks dinner? me... somedays the only thing I accomplish besides playing!
15. Who drives? Dude... he even opens the door for me!
16. Who is first to admit they are wrong? I am... unless you ask dude, but since you didnt... I am
17. Who kissed who first? Dude kissed me first
18. Who asked who out first? After tagging along on multiple of my dates with his roommate, Dude stepped in and asked me out. Guess his roomie wasnt interested :) Im glad, cause i got Dude out of it!
19. Who wears the pants? we share the pants... I wear them on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Dude gets them Tueday and on the weekends... dont want him to be embarrased in public with me in the pants!!! :P Seriously tho, we work together!

I tag Jess Olsen, Kami Luthy and Lauren Willis

8 Months of Joy

Our little dude is now 8 months old, and it is still a joy to be his parents. That is something big to say today, since he got his first runny nose last night and we've been having an adventure of a time since then! You know how you saw those kids when you were a teenager with the snot all the way to their mouth and you swore your kid would never be so gross?? Well, sometimes its IMPOSSIBLE! This kid is a faucet!!!
Needless to say, despite the snoring, fussing, wheezing, and slime factor, he is still the cutest living thing I have ever seen, and I am so glad that he is in our family!
Scott is trying so hard to tell us things, with all of his yelling, grunting and babbling. He'll get a word out eventually, but for now, Ill take whatever language he'll give me. He understands words like Daddy, Cici, doggy, mommy, bath, bottle, night night, etc. I havent gotten him to successfully do a sign for any of these things, but he knows what it means when I say "all done" and wave my hand in the air! Sometimes hes not so happy about that one! This kid is a fish!! He LOVES his baths, and goes crazy with the splashing! He can get from his back to his bum on his own, but sometimes a kids just gotta splash, so he lies there (with his eyes squinted, hes learned that splashing can get into eyes) and soaks the entire room and everything in it! He is SO strong, i think hes stronger than I am sometimes (and especially if Im trying to take something away that he wants....) Scott has just started walking along couches and such once he is standing up against one. Hes not one to be stopped from getting where he wants to go! Which reminds me of a funny fact: I had a laundry basket blocking one side of the hallway between his bedroom (where he was) and the bathroom (where I was). He WEDGED himself between the basket and the wall, instead of going around it... yelling the whole way. I laughed at his simple-minded determination!!
One of Scott's favorite things to do lately is type! He bangs on the keyboard, laughing the whole time, usually telling daddy a jarbled story about his day. It is so cute! Anything that is not a toy is Sctt's favorite toy! He has been carrying around a whistly halloween straw, using it as a drumstick, for the past few weeks. Forget the rattles and animals when there are straws and wisks!!!
Scott is an absolute joy in our lives, and just writing this post has made me less grumpy about my present lack of sleep and excess of ticked off baby! Poor little snotty thing is my cute loveable baby underneath!!! Love him!

Old Dude's Rule!

This is a tribute to the love of my life! It is his birthday today!! I am so happy to celebrate this day because I am so glad that he was born! My life is so blessed and happy thanks to him! He is a funny, thoughtful, hard working, down-right loveable guy! Here's a picture of him when he was only a few months old, cute as a button and looking quite a bit like the little dude I have crawling around my house these days!
Dude's siter Tiffany was in town for the weekend, and she made up a delicious dessert so that we could celebrate on Sunday. Dude opened all of the cards he had received up to that point and got a "fat loot".
I am in the Young Women's program and have an event tonight, so we started the celebrating last night. I made Dude one of his favorite dinners, and we had key lime pie with 26 candles in it for dessert. I had to buy two candle packs, now THAT is old!!!
Scott loved helping open the cards and gifts... that is, he loved chewing on the envelopes once the cards were opened. I swear, holidays with this kid are gonna be easy as pie as long as tags, paper, and utincels remain his toys of choice!

Today we went to sushi for lunch, and continued the celebrating! As many days with parties in them as we can get, for sure!! We will keep going and going as long as I can think of celebrations that need to happen! To Dude: Thanks for being such a great husband, best friend, daddy to Scott and all around good guy (not to mention devilishly handsome!!!) ::SMOOCH:: Love ya!!

"My given name is Benjamin Buford Blue, but people call me Bubba"

FINALLY!! Bubba came to visit! He arrived Tuesday evening, and when he came in, Scott was in my arms and just gave Bubba the stare down. My dad is a very "stand back and let the kid do his thing" kind of guy, and sure enough his hard to get attitude worked, and within minutes, Scott was reaching for Bubba, wanting to be held by him. And who wouldnt, when Bubba flies you around a parking lot like an airplane, lets you grab his face off, eats your hands, and turns you on your head!! Sounds like fun to me, a human rollercoaster, just Scott's size!!

We loved having my dad around! He is such a fungi (get it, fun guy?? haha)! He arrived prepared to help Dude build a new desk for his office, and they spent their evenings in Home Depot (3 trips to Home Depot for one desk... I know, crazy!) and in the driveway bolting and planning and getting it all worked out. I will post pictures of the desk as soon as we get the top bolted on, the frame and top are currently sitting seperate of each other in the garage, awaiting an additional Home Depot trip for some more bolts!
Bubba was able to see Scott in his element, and he and I spent a lot of time watching and laughing at the silly things that Scott does when left to his own! He talks to himself, climbs up everything, and if youre watching, every now and then looks at you and flashes a huge grin and a chuckle! This morning, as we were getting ready for the day, Scott was lying down having his bottle, and decided he wanted to be sitting up, so he did. Kept the bottle in his mouth with one hand, grabbed his blankie with the other and watched the TV, Bubba, and anything there was that he could see better from this new vantage point!
Bubba introduced Scott and I to Culver's today, before he left town. It is a burger/frozen custard joint from back east that has some locations in AZ. It was nummy, and I know when I take Dude back there, it will become one of his favorites. Scott is now officially addicted to chocolate custard (i know, Im a terrible mother... whatev!) and will be on a sugar high for the next 2 weeks!

Upon arriving home from lunch, my dad having gone the opposite way to the airport, I discovered that he had removed 3 dying or dead bushes that are constantly in my way when Im getting in and out of my car! What a good daddy, taking care of me like that! If anyone wants to argue this next point, I have enough evidence for a very long debate: my dad is the BEST dad anyone could ask for!!! Thanks for coming to visit, Bubba, we love you!!

Yelling Wars

I had Scott on my lap today, and he started yelling. These yells, I swear, are his language! He does this when he wants food, when hes tired, when he wants down from my lap, etc etc. Well, this time I yelled back, and Scott sure got a kick out of it! He would yell, and I would yell back: after a few times he would laugh, and I would laugh. Then, he would suddenly go back to straightfaced yelling... i loved it!

All American

Dude, Scott and I exercised our right as Americans today and cast our ballots! Dude left work early so that we could go stand in line, which... wasnt there! We arrived at our designated voting location to find that there was no line, but a group of volunteers waiting for SOMEONE to show up. I am giving other  citizens the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they were all more on top of it than me and had already voted! The LAST thing Scott wanted to do while Dude and I voted (they wouldnt let him have a ballot... who cares if he cant write, I could have filled it out for him! ;) ) was sit still, so he fussed and whined and wiggled in his stroller. Its a good thing it wasnt a jam packed venue, cause theres nothing like a screaming 8 month old to distract ya! I had done my research on some of the propositions, but I admit I felt uninformed as I stood in that booth with my paper and marker. I resolve to be much more involved and prepared next time... I dont know the names or character of supreme court judges!!!! I wasnt expecting to need to know and vote on that! Crazy!! It was a much larger ballot than I was expecting, and I will definitely do more preparing for the next election!
I am now watching the reports on TV waiting to see what difference my vote made!! I love this country and appreciate my ability to cast my vote and speak my mind, what a great place we live in! God Bless America!!!