BabyFit Playdate

When I got pregnant, I joined a community website called Babyfit (I recommend it!!!), and when I was about 4 months pregnant I got a "mommy mail" from a user named Andersonsmom, because I had mentioned in a post that I went to Disney to work, and she said she had done the same thing. We talked back and forth and became good buddies through the internet for the remainder of our pregnancies. Well, she lives an hour from where we just moved to in Arizona and we have gotten together a few times over the past month. Today, we went to their house for dinner, and it was the first time that Anderson and Scott really cared to look at each other, it was so fun!

Oh... and Scott commandeered Anderson's toys. I have a mile long list now and am headed for Babies'r'us in the morning! So many things he loved!
Had to include this one for two reasons... first: the size difference! Scott is exactly one week older than Anderson, but looks like he could eat him (which brings me to my second point...): The drool coming down Scott's chin. You might have to enlarge the picture to catch it, but its priceless. It looks like Scott is thinking how good Anderson would taste dunked in milk!! :)
Luckily, Dude enjoyed my friend's husband's company! Looks like we have another couple to add to the list of Arizona friends! We look forward to getting to know them better, and fully expect these two to be best of friends!!!

Playing with Daddy

Scott loves to play with his daddy, and lucky enough... his dad loves to play with him too! They spent their saturday morning dancing, laughing and goofin off together!

Time Well Spent

See tiny fingers and tiny toes,

Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;

Hear baby gurgles and baby sighs,

As Mom and Dad sing lullabies.

Life is changed, but that's okay;

It's fun to spend glad hours each day,

Taking time for all the good

That comes along with parenthood.
By Joanna Fuchs

Weekend home

This weekend, Dude and I were lucky enough to go to UT to attend the party for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and spend time with our family. We had a great time and were so glad to see Cici, Bubba, Nana, Papa, Uncle Devan, Aunts Ali, McKenna, Tiffany and Natalie, cousins, friends, and many many more!

Everyone was amazed at Scott's size, his smiles and the personality he is getting! We are home today and I can see that the spoiling effected him. He didnt go a moment without someone either holding him, or hovering over him when he was on the ground making faces and talking to him and keeping him happy and smiling. He doesnt understand that mom has to walk away every now and then to get something done, and its gonna take him a few days to readjust to life at home with his mom!

We were able to eat at our favorite sushi place, with all of our friends and family (huge group... party), played a lot of MarioKart Wii, saw a movie, visited with family, ate more food, go shopping, eat again, and show scott off to the whole town, with more eating and visiting in the mix! What a great weekend!!! WE LOVED IT!!!

Arizona has been and still is an awesome experience, and we are having a great time... but (and i said it wrong to my mom on the phone yesterday)... instead of a black cloud with silver lining, we have a silver cloud (having fun, loving the job, meeting new people, spreading the gospel, etc) with a black lining of our family being so far away! We miss them but are so blessed to be able to budget in frequent visits! We'll be back soon!!
Oh... and heres a cute picture of Scott (just for good measure)

The Taste of Flesh

No rubber or silicone pacifiers for this kid, hes saving the planet and going "green". These two fingers are ALWAYS finding their way to his mouth, causing a LARGE amount of drool, that soaks him to his belly button at times! I dont know how Im ever gonna wean him from finger sucking if he keeps being this adorable!

Scott gets the hiccups

They make him angry, and hes not afraid to tell them that!!!

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Scott has dimples like his daddy. Melts me like a popsicle on the 4th of July!
Scott's big toe flares like CRAZY!! We joke that he has opposable thumbs on his feet like a monkey. hes gonna be a great tree climber!
Scott's mouth does the cutest things. He has mastered a booboo lip, when hes concentrating on something it falls into a perfect "O", and his smiles are to die for!!
He is just learning to grab things, and the things that he grabs go directly to his mouth. Sometimes, nothing is in his hands before they head to his mouth. I think we may have a finger sucker on our hands... watch out!
Scott's belly button is SO funny! When he laughs or cries, it turns from an innie to an outie... we have our fingers crossed for his sake it stops doing that before hes an adult! :)

Scott loves his daddy! He gets an instant smile on his face as soon as Dude walks in the door from work. Funny thing about it tho: if Dude gets in his face to talk to him, often Scott gets shy and turns away with a grin on his face. They are gonna be best buds!


Happy Anniversary!!!

Yesterday was our 3rd anniversary! We have made it!! (in reality, 3 years is just a SPEC of time compared to the eternity we get to hang out with each other!)
We sent Scott over to Dude's cousin Kat, and were able to spend the day just us! It was wonderful! Dude left work early and we spent the afternoon by the pool. We caught some rays, and Dude tried to teach me how to effectively float and tread water (so I dont die if there's a flood... here in AZ... I know what youre thinking, but thats the same thing Noah's friends were sayin!) Then, Dude had made reservations at a FANCY italian restaraunt in town where they put the napkin on your lap for you, and your vegetables are arranged decoratively on your plate! There was a live band playing, and the gardens outside were BEAUTIFUL! Our dessert came out with little sugar signs that said "Happy Anniversary" (and was on the house, since we were celebrating!!) and they gave us two free ride passes for their gondola rides! We didnt have time to do that last night, since we took so much time pretending we were rich at dinner, and enjoying one another's company, but that means there WILL be a second date in this series!!
And...after we picked Scott up and he was asleep at home, we finished off the night (get this): in our pajamas in the living room, dancing with each other to the music on our blog!! :)
All in all, it was an AWESOME day! I feel so lucky to have such a thoughtful, wonderful husband! Eternity with this guy is gonna ROCK!!

Splish Splash

He LOVES the pool! The splashing seen in this video was as soon as we got in the pool. The splashes got bigger and he (and I) got wetter. Im excited to announce that after a 1/2 hour of constant kicking and splashing, he slept 9.5 hours straight last night!!! woohoo!!