Water Baby

The official best way to wear a one year old out (or at least THIS one year old) is water!!
Scott and I played in the sun and water today, and had a great time. Scott has been unlike himself lately, which I think is from teeth giving him pain. But once distracted, he is his happy giggly, adorable self. Needless to say, Im getting creative when it comes to distractions that keep him and his runny "teething" nose away from other kids (just in case its not teeth, dont want to wipe out the entire child population of Arizona)
Scott spent all of his time trying to get the water into Sam's food scoop. When he is focused, hes focused... and SO determined!

Love that belly... and that cheesy grin!

Strike a Pose

I pulled out the camera yesterday afternoon and decided to shoot a few of Scott. It had been a while since I had pulled the camera out (for some reason, I was thinking that since we werent doing anything special there was no need for a camera. I wasnt expecting a response like this!)
Scott turned to the camera and just started making faces!!! Posing and holding still as I took a few pictures. It didnt take him long to get sick of it, but it was hillarious and AWESOME while it lasted!!

Buffet of Scott

Had a random sampling of Scott pics that were never posted over the past week or two... here they are!
Usually while Im getting ready in the morning, Scott has a little pile of cereal to snack on while he plays... EXCEPT when he gets tall enough to knock the box off of the dresser. THEN, he has a BIG pile of cereal to snack on!
Caught red-handed!!

Scott the leopard ninja!!
When something is placed on Scott's head, he immediately wants it off. As soon as it gets off, he tries to put it back on himself. Never successfully, but always cute!

Scott loves to sit in big boy chairs, and spent a good few minutes sitting next to daddy while he worked. And people wonder why kids have such a greater knowledge of technology than adults. Early training!!

Fun Tuesday

Scott and I spent the day today playing with our friends Amy and Anderson. We watched Elmo, had lunch, played with the splash pad, had wagon rides and played and played!!

Scott greeted Amy and Anderson with hugs, and Anderson wasn't as receptive to the hugs as Im sure Scott was hoping. Anderson just isnt the hugger that Scott is... :)

Seeing these two together in real life is surprising. The pictures just dont capture the size difference between these two! Its insane!!

Anderson is a "im going and doing, let me be" kind of kid, and Scott is a "I want to be where he is doing what hes doing" kind of kid... so its funny to watch them. Scott chasing Anderson around. Anderson secretly likes being the COOL KID!
We had a great day, and Scott was TUCKERED out by the time we were done!


Those are the words on the outside of the Phoenix Children's Museum in downtown Phoenix, and thats exactly what we did!!!

The kid is a drummer. Anything he could hit with a stick and produce noise, was golden in this place!
Chalk Art

The biggest soft tunnel system you'll ever see!

Scott + any ball anywhere= happiness

This wall of tubes was AWESOME! The kids could put balls or square pieces of fabric in holes, and the vacuum system pulled those items through a maze of tubes, and they popped out up high and fell to the ground. Us girls could have stood there all day!
Scotty found Aunt Micki!
If youve never seen this Sand art stuff, search on YouTube for it, or click here and check it out. Scott is the future of Sand Art (as long as he keeps his mouth plugged... or he will end up a sand eating champ instead)
One of Scott's favorite parts of the day was running through the room of swimming noodles. He was laughing and reaching out for them, and just having a blast!
My girls left me today, and I miss them already! We had fun, and Im already excited to see them again!!!

People say we Monkey Around

While my mom and sisters were here this week, we spent a good hot day at the zoo!! A grumpy man I know says "youve seen one zoo, youve seen them all"... so we sent him back to where he came from and went without him! (just kidding bubba, wish you were there)

Scott loved seeing all of the animals, but ironically was more amused by the birds flying around (no, not the caged pretty ones... we're talking pigeons and sparrows here) and the ducks swimming in the lakes. Those things moved, most of the other animals were napping!! Still, TONS to do, and a lot of fun to have!

My beautiful, funny, smelly, ENGAGED sister Ali.

Scott the Turtle

My mom and my spunky, stylin, super skinny, AWESOME sister McKenna.

There was a petting zoo with goats...When it was a goat, Scott wasnt too excited about it, but tell the kid its a doggie and he'll love anything!

Mommies and Babies!

They had a Fisher Price "Little People" Farm playset, and all of the animals there Scott has in his room, much smaller and more drool covered!

We found a John Deere tractor on the little people farm, so we had to get some shots for Grampy! I have more Ill email you, Grammy and Grampy!

Scott liked the giraffes because they were SO close and they were eating... one of Scott's favorite things.

The Phoenix Zoo has a place called Monkey Village, and you walk along a path surrounded by trees, and little spider monkeys are everywhere. Not in cages, just above your heads!!! This was Scott's favorite thing, and one of the spider monkeys came right down on a branch a few feet from Scott and CiCi and Scott was able to point at it and reach out to it. Adorable!! He even got to demonstrate his monkey sound skills. Ooo Ooo Ooo!
Splash Pads. A great way to cool down on a hot Zoo day! Scott was very timid at first, and would try to climb up me every time the fountains came on (i got wet too, thats how I know about the cooling effects of a splash pad so well) Once he stopped being a chicken, he LOVED them, and would get right into them and chase them as they went back down, til they were gone. Then he would walk around the pad, waving at the parents on the sides, and LEAKING cute til the water came back on. Lather rinse repeat.

Scott's silly mom wasnt prepared for a long time spent at the splash pad so no sunscreen was applied to that cute little tummy... and he was forced out of the water for the safety of his cute white skin before he was ready. Dragged kicking and screaming is officially appropriate!

I have a season pass to the zoo, and now that I know Scott loves it, we'll be frequenting it this year! Was so fun to spend that time with my mom and sisters and let Scott run and play and bond! Im surprised they didnt catch McKenna in a net and keep her on display, monkey! (Sorry, McK, had to do it!!)

Happy Easter, Bunny!

Easter weekend this year was one of the best I can remember! My mom's whole side of the family came to Mesa and we spent the weekend together! We attended the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple, shopped, ate, visited, attended church, had an easter egg hunt, an Easter feast, and took the dogs to the dog park. Busy weekend!
My wonderful mom, Papa, Nana and Aunt Julie at the Cheesecake Factory celebrating Papa's #77! Love em!
The BUBBA, the Mikyn cousin, and the Dude!

Jen Jen (who should be grateful this is the pic I chose) and Nana
My cousin Jen is one of my favorite people and Im always so glad to see her! Its never long enough, or often enough!

Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice. And mom-friend... a quote about that doesnt come to mind... :)

Daddy and Scotty ready for church Easter morning!

Love my boys!!

Scott didnt really know what he was doing, but I (being the crazy "mom of a one year old" that I am) did the egg hunt anyways. The sisters and cousins stood inside teasing me and saying "he wont remember this... but i got the PICS! He followed directions to put the eggs in the basket very well, until he wanted them back out. Then he would stop what he was doing and pull the eggs back out. Put em in, pull them out.
Thanks to some bean filled easter egg noise makers we were given, Scott is an EXPERT at opening plastic eggs. I had put a few little candies into each plastic egg for sound effect (dont freak, he didnt eat any, im getting to that part). When he discovered that he could open them, and that there were smaller, equally bright easter eggs inside, he was thrilled. He picked one up and inspected in and then put it back into the bigger egg and wanted it closed back up. This took me by surprise, I was expecting to have to fish for candy bits in his mouth, but the bright color and hard shell must have detered him. How should he recognize that as food!?

My sister McKenna brought her doggie Charlie, so we HAD to take the two pupps to the best dog park around. It was a beautiful day and we had fun spending time outside together!

He is my JOY!!
This kid LOVES having a full house. Non-stop attention and entertainment. He has em all wrapped around his chubby little finger!