I'm Dreaming of a Humid Christmas!

We were blessed this year to travel to Florida and have Christmas with family! The winter has been a little unusual for me since I am accustomed to seeing white and feeling cold for 5 months of my years in UT. But it was GREAT to have nice enough weather that Scott could take full advantage of Grampy's 16 acres and get some energy out each day!!
We traveled EARLY Christmas eve morning and arrived in Florida by 3 pm. It was great to be able to make it in time for a delicious Christmas dinner and awesome spiritual program (which I got a copy of and will be using next year!)
Some highlights of the trip:
We got to meet the newest member of the Bori Family: Julia Pearl Duncan! She is just the sweetest little bundle of cute and we all took to her instantly! Scott loved to watch Uncle Mike give Julia her bottle, he was ALL ABOUT giving her kisses on the forehead, and even let her "kiss" his finger better when he hurt it once. We are so overjoyed for Michael and Elena, and couldn't have wished them any better gift this holiday season!
Scott was old enough to follow, imitate, play with, and torture his older cousin Alyssa Jade: He thought she was the coolest thing invented, and she tolerated his excitement pretty well! He always wanted her to be playing with him, and was often seen right on her tails when she was out and about doing big kid stuff! He wanted to be in the action, and it was awesome that she let him. Scott just loves his cousins!!
Scott on Christmas morning: His stocking was STUFFED to the brim with cool toys. Cars, playdough, a watch, coloring book, etc etc. BUT... the thing on top, happened to be a banana. And he wouldn't even consider touching the rest of his stocking til the banana had been devoured. He then proceeded through the stocking til he found a crunch bar. Again, progress was halted and the candy was eaten. Note to self: put edible items at the bottom of Scott's stockings!
The Gator: From the moment his eyes opened til the time I dragged him in from the dark kicking and screamin... he wanted to be on the gator. Grampy has a John Deere Gator that he uses to get everywhere on his huge property, and Scott is a FAN! Grampy has also purchased a gator power wheels, and this trip was the first time Scott was big enough and brave enough to push the pedal and drive it! (steering... we'll work on that next time)
A Walk down memory lane: Dude and I were able to go out on the town and leave Scott with his grammy and aunts. Downtown Disney, which is where many of our first dates were. Holding hands, drinking hot chocolate, watching magic shows, playing with legos... all the good stuff! It was nice to reminisce and spend some quality time with him back in the place where the memories began!
Conference call with Virgin Gorda: Despite being across the country from any Francis', we were lucky enough to get to listen in on my brother's missionary call home Christmas morning! He is a total Missionary Rock Star, and sounds like he's making the most of his time and having the time of his life! I am so blessed by his service and grateful for the things he is giving up to serve the Lord. Proud sister, what can I say?
Puzzles: I remember from my childhood there always being a puzzle up and going during the holidays. So, I inflicted that tradition upon the Bori's and bought, quite possibly the most difficult puzzle in the history of the world. It didn't get finished, and even if it did... Mike has a piece of the sky held hostage! I don't know if anyone ever took a picture of it, but I thought it was fun to do together! Thanks for bearing with me, Bori's!
Bounce House: We took Scott to a place that was like a big wearhouse with ~10 huge blow up playsets! Slides, trampolines, obstacle courses... you name it. Talk about an energy release! We all needed a nap after that!!
Christmas Crafts: Grammy totally rocks! She made every girl in the family their own, patchwork purse. Color coordinated with our personalities, designed to fit EVEN a sippy cup! I just love my new purse and totally wish I had that kind of talent! Thank you Grammy!
New Years Eve FIRE: unusual again to my idea of the months of Dec and Jan... we had a bonfire New Years Eve. We roasted hot dogs and mallows and had a great time visiting and staring at a fire! In my history of New Years, this is the first one spent outside for more than 5 minutes to bang on some pots and pans. So much fun!
Time out with my family: 10 days of 100% family time! Dude didnt have work, a meeting, a game night, a NOTHIN! We spent our time playing together and soaked it all in!! And as long as it was, we were ready to do it all over again when it ended!
Merry late Christmas, Happy late New Year. Love to you all!!

Friends Adopting

Some friends of ours are in the process of adopting 2 kids from Russia, and are having a raffle to earn money for the costs. Donate $5 to be entered to win a big screen TV and help an orphan get a home!!