Hello Again, World!

If, of course... there is anyone out there anymore! I know its been a long time, I know I have a TON to catch you up on, and that has been my reason for avoiding it. So much to say, and so far back to go in order to catch up. So, this will be the reader's digest version of the past 2.5 month, and we'll start again... from NOW!
First things first. Isaac is an amazingly strong little man! He holds his head up like such a big kid, and when he was only 10 weeks old, he ROLLED OVER! I thought it was a fluke, because when he is having tummy time he lifts his head SO FAR off the ground that I figured he must have lost balance on one arm and toppled. That may have been the case, but he DID do it again, and again and again!! Here's the first time we caught it on tape!

Scott was so excited when Isaac rolled over that he kept saying "roll ovah" and "me roll ovah" then he would join in the rolling fun!!

Speaking of Scott, let's cut to him for a few... Scott is a talking MACHINE! Something funny that he said recently: he had spilled a box of dominos right before bed one night, and I didnt pick them up (judge if you will...) so the next morning, as he was getting into his high chair for breakfast he looked over at the pile of dominos and said "mommy, i made a mess over der!" A classic Scott line is "seee Daddy" or "seee Mommy"... which translates to Silly daddy/mommy! He loves to laugh and thinks that most everything is silly.
Another fun thing about Scott lately, is that he loves cameras. Being in pictures, but mostly taking pictures. Anything that may appear like it might could be a camera, he puts up to his eye and says "cheese" as he takes pictures of everyone around! After I take a picture of him he says "wanna see you" which, as anyone knows means "wanna see me!" (he has his you/me mixed up a little. Basically, he wants to look at the picture of himself, and he thinks its the greatest thing when I turn the camera around and there he is!

Time for big boy Scott to start doing big boy things... So many things to do, we went for the one at a time method, and started with the binky. It took him a long time to not scream bloody murder every time it was time to sleep (which was so unusual, because he was such a good sleeper!) but he never asked for the binky, he just didnt seem to know how to fall asleep without it. So we bought him a big boy pillow, changed the night time routine to include a longer story time, and added singing time to help him wind down. Now, we sing as many songs as he can get us to, then leave him singing a song on his own, and he does ok...

The second "big boy" step was the BOO BOY BED!! (or big boy bed, for those who don't speak Scott) The transition from a crib into a cool blue race car wasn't nearly as traumatic as the loss of binky was... he LOVES his big boy bed! He has only been tempted to get out and play a few times, but mostly he plays and sings til he falls asleep... and even calls to me when he wakes up, and waits til I get there before he gets out. Here it is... don't be jealous, I'm sure he will let you climb in next time you visit! ;)

Next... potty training! Yikes!
The adjustment for Scott to being a big brother has been a smooth one. But why am I surprised. Everything about Scott is easy and smooth... he's a great kid! He loves his little brother! When Isaac wakes up from a nap and cries, Scott puts his hands to his ears and says "I-kick awake! I heah him!" and goes running to see! His favorite toys are trucks, his favorite tv show is Blue's Clues, he can sing the ABC's all the way through all by himself, and he loves to race Sam and Dad and Mom and anyone who WILL race him around the living room! He loves sprinklers and applesauce, jumping on his bed, and snuggling. When Daddy leaves for work, Scott ALWAYS chases him to the door saying "more snuggles!" immediately follows by "more shisses" and a conversation about daddy's red car, and waving as daddy pulls away for the day. That kid loves his dad!
FLASHBACK!!!! This is Scott, almost exactly 2 years ago. Sucking on his 2 fingers...

And this is Isaac, TODAY! Sucking on his 2 fingers...

When I look at pictures of them side by side like this, I can see similarities. People who see him at church or in the grocery store say "he looks just like his brother", but I have a hard time agreeing. I think that they definitely both have features that look like their dad. Dimples, big dark eyes, you know... mini-dude! But overall, now that I have Isaac to compare Scott to, I am beginning to think Scott is more "Francis" and Isaac is more "Bori". Agree? Disagree? I don't really care, they are both ADORABLE... and MINE!!!

Ok, back to the little guy! On May 21, he turned 3 months old, so that makes him 3 months and 1 week old today. At his 2 month Dr appointment, he weighed 12 lbs 4 oz and was 24 inches long. That is average for weight and in the 95th% for height. Tall and skinny. He has long thin fingers, and tall skinny legs and toes. Here are some of those cute toes...

Isaac is the happiest baby I have ever met. As a baby, Scott was happy, and content... but Isaac wants to tell you about his happiness. You give him the tiniest hint of attention and his whole face grins. Not just his mouth, the whole face...
Allow me to demonstrate!

See, the whole face! Isaac's favorite person is the same as Scott's, surprise surprise... his daddy! These boys love their dad! Isaac knows when daddy is coming in to "nom his tummy" and starts laughing before he is even touched. He also loves to watch Scott, and will just sit there with a smile on his face, watch Scott be silly. Smiles, all the time. Some of the nicknames that Isaac has acquired in his short 3 months with us are Icicle, Indigo Montoya, monkey (Isaac has orangutan hair, and it cant be stopped. Im surprised the zoo didn't confiscate him when we went), bean, and Scott's personal favorite... Buddy.
See how he lifts himself so high? He rolled over right after I took this picture...

He's cool!