Zion's National Park

Dude's family was in town for Scott's blessing from Florida, and we wanted to do something fun while they were here. We drove down and spent two days hiking in Zion's. Scott was such a good sport! Dude carried him around in my baby carrier wrap, and he looked around, took naps, and spent the days "hangin" with his dad! At 6 weeks old, he is already a traveler, and Dude and I hope that his life will continue to be filled with adventures!

Blessing Day- Sunday April 20, 2008

Scott Albert Bori was blessed by his dad last Sunday, and he was such a good boy! Not a cry out of him!! His dad blessed him with a strong body and a strong conviction and testimony in the church. He blessed him to be a good dad one day, and to be an example to those around him. Scott wore a white tuxedo that his uncle Devan wore on HIS blessing day, and he looked adorable. He had LOTS of family and friends there, and there was a big lunch at the Francis house afterwards. It was a great day, and Scott is definitely loved!!!


The first recorded smiling of Scott! Filmed April 17, 2008, 5 weeks old exactly!!

Manly clothes

Scott's daddy is not a fan of baby blue, which really doesnt work too well when trying to dress a newborn baby boy. Some days, its baby blue or nothing!! But Scott does have a few MANLY clothing options, and today he is sporting one of those outfits. Camo pants (nothing like camo to make a person look manly) and of course... hiking boots. If you look closely you can even see the red plaid trim at the top. Hes ready to go hiking, hunting, and be a manly man with his dad! What a stud!! Love him!

The swing

This swing does EVERYTHING! It plays music, animal sounds or nighttime sounds, has twirling toys and a mirror hanging from the top, and it swings in two different directions. At first, Scott didn't like it... especially if it was moving! But recently, he has taken to it. After a few minutes of being entertained by the swing, however, it puts him to sleep every time!!

Scott, Day 20

I am adjusting to being a stay at home mom, and I seem to find time every day to take pictures of Scott. Our lives arent very exciting now (we are waiting for the sun to come out so we can go on walks and play). So this is day 20 in the life of Scott...

Scott loves to take baths. The warm water being poured on his belly seems to soothe him... he took a bath today, but his silly mom forgot to grab the camera til it was too late. So we got some post bath pics (he didnt like the pics as much as he liked the bath...)

And in our second photo shoot of the day, we see Scott doing what he does best... BEING THE CUTEST BABY EVER!!!

In this one, he appears to be busting a move... although he was just wiggling (another one of the talents he has mastered in his short 20 days)