Cracker Line-Up

Do any of these crackers look familiar? Are any of them the cracker who committed the crime?

Take your time....

Scott took one bite out of each of his crackers, then lined them up... and left. They were still sitting there when I went to set the table for dinner. Guess one whole cracker would have done the trick.


Scott was SO excited to go see Santa last week. We talked about it for days before hand (mommy wanted to be sure he fully understood what would be happening... sitting on lap, talking to Santa, etc etc) We got to the mall and stood in line, and as soon as we were close enough to see Santa, Scott pointed him out and kept referring to his "hat". I asked him if he wanted to go see Santa: Yea. I asked him if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap: Yea. I was gaining confidence that all would be well.

Our friend Colin was up first, and his visit with Santa was not so successful. I worried then that Scott would see Colin's reaction and be afraid himself, but he willingly (yet timidly) released his grip on me as I sat him in Santa's lap. He was in a state of shock for the first 3 minutes (which is, of course, when they took the picture) but Im just proud he isnt screaming, crying, or reaching for me. Before the visit was over, I got Scott to say that he wanted a "guck" (truck) and he reached up to point out Santa's hat. Santa humored us with a HO HO HO (been teaching Scott to say it, when asked what Santa says) and gave Scott a little booklet to hold his picture as we left. Two more of Scott's friends sat with Santa after Scott, and none of them had the success that Scott and i had. I was so proud of my chill, too cool for school, son and his nice visit with Santa...
The kid asked for a truck... a truck the kid will get!!

Jump for Joy

As stated earlier, we started Christmas about 30 minutes after our Thanksgiving Dinner Feast was eaten... we were still digesting even!!
This gift wasn't opened that day, because it was so big that it needed to be shipped straight to AZ (through friends who were kind enough to let it ride in the backseat)

Scott is in love with it, and I forsee many hours in the backyard for he and I. Good thing our December is in Arizona, so we don't have to worry about a blizzard keeping us inside!!

Thanks CiCi and Bubba, you have given the gift of endless entertainment for a toddler. Not an easy task!!

Leavin on a JetPlane

Just wanted to post this awesome story from our flight back to AZ after our TG vacation. As we boarded the plane, we had bags and a stroller that needed to be checked at the gate. The lady who was writing out our tags said "I think you guys are on a row alone, so your son will have a seat to himself. Let me check" She asked for our names and looked it up. She was mistaken, there was a lady in the seat next to me. The worker decided she would try to call the lady up and reseat her so that we could have the whole row. She called, but as she was calling, realized that the lady had already boarded. So she told US what seat was empty and said we should ask the lady to move once we boarded...
Well, the seat she wanted us to move the lady to was about 15 rows back from the seat she was in, and we didnt feel like asking that of her, so we had decided not to say anything and just deal with the 2 seats we had paid for. As we stood waiting in the breezeway to get on the plane, the airline worker who had tried to help rearrange seats before came to find us. She had found a whole row in the back of the plane that was empty and had printed us all new boarding passes so that Scott would have his own seat.
As many of you know, my lap is deteriorating fast, so a lap child on a plane isnt the most convenient thing. This kind act was the PERFECT end to our Thanksgiving vacation! Thankful for people who go out of their way to do nice things for other people! Thanks airline lady, you made our day!!!

Happy Day, Turkey!

A few of these pictures are from my trip to UT in October (the one above and the one below, to be specific), but my sister JUST posted them online, so here they are... in the post where I talk about being at CiCi and Bubba's house for Thanksgiving. See, if I hadn't told you you would never know and just assume they were all from Thanksgiving. I guess accuracy is vital to blog quality...

We were lucky enough to travel to UT for Thanksgiving by AIRPLANE!! This trip was the first time that Dude and I have flown together to UT since moving to AZ. Usually, we drive, or one drives earlier and the other flies in later (since that other is the one working til the holiday is HERE) The fact that we got to fly this time made our trip 10x better, because there wasn't a long drive involved at all! I could see the relief of stress in Dude's face and we were able to enjoy ourselves much more knowing that we didnt face a 10 hour drive to top it all off!
My cousins and grandparents came up from Vegas and St George, and we had 16 people crashing in my parents house!!! So much fun! I love that the family is growing and expanding!

We ate, we played games in the church (most fun ever!), we ate more, we watched football, we played the Wii (mario kart), watched Cars, started Christmas early, went shopping, saw movies, played board games and ate some more!!

If anyone in my family took more pictures of Thanksgiving than I did, send em my way... cause all Ive got are some randoms of Scott doing cute things. Such is my life!

Luckily enough, there are Francis' AND Bori's in Utah, and we were able to see them all! We spent an evening shopping for Aunt Nattie's new dog, eating nummy food (yet again) and watching a movie with Dude's sister. Had a photo shoot and played board games with Aunt TT, and still had time to eat sushi with friends! All in all, a great trip. Full of family, more family, friends and TONS of fun!

Yes, this picture is of Scott watching Elmo on the Iphone in just his diaper. He just rested his little chin on the counter and loved every second of it. What a cutie!
Everyone loved playing with Scott, teaching him new and "oh so fun" words, and chasing around the kitchen over and over. He was never unable to reach someone's finger to lead them... wherever he wanted to go. I have officially started the "post vacation detox" and we are re-learning how to not be entertained 100% of the day. Thank you Francis, Bori, McCall and Brinkerhoff Families for that gift. I can't thank you enough for spoiling my son ROTTEN!! ;)

Love and miss you all already! So thankful for family!!!


I never thought I would see the day when Scott would sit still at a table and just eat. He always seems to have the uncontrollable desire to be RUNNING! But, having an eating buddy worked miracles. Scott and Anderson shared their apples, ate their sandwiches, and sat like two big boys just hangin out and eating their grub!

Scott is such a people person! Our playdate buddies have helped achieve that, Im certain, and I am so grateful! Scott will play with just about anyone, and is so relaxed about sharing toys and kids "in his bubble". I thank my moms group for that, and all the toddlers who steal Scott's toys and let him steal theirs back. That's what friends are for, right??

Happy Birthday Daddy

We celebrated our awesome Daddy on Nov 11, and got to shower him with love and attention (not that he isnt smothered with that every day of his life)
Scott and mommy went to daddy's work and had lunch with him, then made one of his favorite meals for dinner. Follow that up with gifts and key lime pie, and I dont think the man had a complaint! Here's... well, mommy singing Happy Birthday while Scott and Daddy look cute and blow out the candles. You have received your warning and can now mute your speakers before hitting play!

Daddy came out of the day with lots of good food in his tummy, a new headset, a new dvd collection of Dexter's Laboratory, a gift card to take his girlfriend to dinner, and some cash (that he still hasnt figured out what to buy with... would have burned a hole in mommy's pocket by now).
And, we weren't even done celebrating. Since daddy's birthday was mid-week, we had a celebration dinner with friends over the weekend, where we ate mountains of wings and had a great time! How could anyone not love this guy?! And I'M the one who claims his left ring finger... I'm totally lucky and i KNOW IT! Love you, Dude!

p.s. if anyone has ideas on how to get my son disinterested in wearing his mom's jewelry, please share... he sees me with a "pee" (pretty) on and immediately wants it on himself... never to be seen again by mommy!

Elmo vs Cars

I can't remember where he saw it first, but I think it was in the car on a roadtrip... and now he's hooked. As his mom, I could quote you the whole movie just from watching it with him. He prefers "Cars" to everything... even Elmo! (although, as you can see, it's not without the Elmo chair that he watches so intently) I got him all set up to watch one day, and even threw some popcorn into the mix this time... and he had to top it! His own additions in this picture are the bead necklace of mom's around his neck and the hat of dad's. The hat is so big that he had his neck tilted about as far as it tilts just so he could see past the brim of the hat.

One day, you're gonna ask him "what sound does a tractor make?" and he'll say "Moooo"

He has started calling everything a "Guck" this month... or Truck, for those of you that don't speak "Scott". He loves his dad's truck, will play with anything that has wheels as he says "guck, guck" and has shows no signs of trying to say "car" anytime soon. I think he's content with calling them trucks and arguing with me every time I correct him. The conversation goes something like this...
Scott: Guck!
Mom: No, thats a car.
Scott: Guck!
Mom: It's a car. Can you say car?
Scott: Guck!
Long pause as mom gives up...
Scott: Bloo!
Mom: No, its a red car.
Scott: Bloo!
.... you get it!

Love him!

Scotty Appleseed

I gave Scott this apple and couldn't RESIST filming him because of his method. Bite, twirl twirl twirl, bite. He was totally looking for the perfect bite each time. Mmmm, apples!