Words Escape Me

Was it not just YESTERDAY that I was posting a video of Scott gimp crawling slow enough that I could catch him?!? Well, today... this is what it looks like! Dude and I were talking the other day about how fast Scott is learning. It seems like he learns something cool, and we don't even have time to enjoy it and brag about it, because the next day he'll learn something new! Well.... case in point!!

... the point is; he GOT there!!

Scott's arms aren't quite strong enough to do the classic crawl motion. He tries sometimes, but only gets about one full crawl in before resorting to this method. Like most babies, he's come up with his own way of getting around. For now, it's this: He gets on his knees, and lunges himself back onto his tummy, gaining a few inches in the process. Lather, rinse, repeat: let the baby-proofing begin!!!

Guitar Hero

Dude is very good at the guitar. He was in a band growing up and has a great talent for it! We just got him some new picks, and he tried em out on Scott! Scott loves music, and seemed especially fascinated by the music coming out of daddy's hands. Dude played and sang to him, and both men seemed to enjoy themselves...
Dude doesnt like to play the game "Guitar Hero" because he says he could just spend the same time playing the real guitar and then he'd actually get better! So, for now, he'll just be Scott's personal guitar hero!

Stand on your head, hold your breath and have a spoonful of sugar!

I was checking my email when Scott and I got home from grocery shopping this morning, and Scott was playing on the floor next to me. All of a sudden, hes laughing histerically, and at random spurts... i looked to see what he was playing with (a button that fell off of a pillow... good thing he had his binky in!!!!)... so thats not very funny. Then I realized, I HAD THE HICCUPS, and he was laughing at me every time I hiccuped. I cant tell you if he thought the noise was funny, or if he was mocking me for having the hiccups, cause we all know those arent any fun. Well, for your viewing pleasure, I pulled out the video camera! Enjoy!!

Will the Real Scott Bori Please Stand Up?

“Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done” Burt Reynolds

Laundry has long been my LEAST favorite chore (not that any of them really tickle my fancy), but having the cutest little helper in the world definitely makes it more fun. We played peek-a-boo with his crib sheet, he sucked on socks while I folded others, so they were nice and damp when they got put together (a nice little treat for daddy from Scott!) and I couldnt help taking some pictures... cause every kid's gotta have some laundry pictures!!

Scott's Half Birthday

It was a week ago, but Im posting about it now!! My baby is 6 months old! We went to his well baby appointment last week and he topped the charts! 22 lbs 5.5 oz, and 29 inches long! Hes huge, and doing so well! The doctor was amazed at how strong he is, that hes sitting on his own, and getting so close to crawling. He is eating oatmeal, peas, carrots, avocado, apples, and bananas (squash is this week's food). While we were at the doctor, she opened his diaper to check out the goods, and he peed right on her!!!!! She said that hadn't happened to her in years! Leave it to Scott! He got three shots, and didnt even CRY! I know i know, its unbeliveable... but its because he has so much padding on those thighs, thats gotta be the reason! He was sore and slept stinky for the next few days, but he's a great baby and he toughed it out well!
Scott KNOWS "wheres daddy" and "wheres the doggy". As soon as you say one of those things, he looks around for them, and when he finds them, a big grin crosses his cute little face. We are still working on "wheres mommy"... Im ok with the fact that he knows "wheres daddy" cause hes a momma's boy for sure! Lately, when dude is holding him or playing with him, Scott will be looking around the room for me, or will watch me while laughing at what dude's doing. He definitely knows his parents, and so far he likes us!
Another phrase that Scott's daddy has taught him is "boingy boingy boingy". If you say that to scott, he does just that... he starts to bounce! Whether he is in his exersaucer, or in your arms, his knees bend and extend til hes going really good! And he loves it!! He is so happy and so easy to make laugh. He is ticklish on his tummy, and on his inner thigh. He kind of holds his breath and bears it til he cant anymore, and then the giggles escape!
We are starting to teach Scott sign language, and since he loves Sam so much we are starting with "dog". In real ASL, the sign for dog is a pat on your knee then a snap of your fingers... since babies cant snap, we just do two taps to the knee, and Scott is getting it. We sit him in front of Sam and say "scott, say doggy" (as we pat our knee). eventually he pats his knee (not only twice most of the time, but hes getting there)
Scott and I joined a playgroup (mostly for moms, but all of the babies are between 3 and 7 months so when they are older, they will play). Scott is so friendly and always smiles at the women and wants to grab and play with the other babies. Im so glad for that group, and for the social time it allows scott to have so early in his life.
These are just a few of the great things that Scott is doing at 6 months!! He is so strong, and smart and big; and his parents adore him!!!

A Weekend of Cute

Dude, Scott and I had a great weekend! We went to Jenna's house for a BBQ. swimming, and Michale Buble concert on the projection screen (just like being right there... loved it!!)
Saturday Scott and I went on a playdate to a bookstore storytime and played with some other kids Scott's age, then the whole family met Jenna for dinner at In N Out and a "Dive In Movie" : Finding Nemo played on a huge screen at a local swimming pool. When we arrived, we found that the kiddie pool area was closed, and only the pool that was open was 6 feet deep throughout!! We didnt want to get into the pool with Scott where we couldnt reach, so we decided to try a life jacket!! It wasnt too big for him around the middle AT ALL! Hes just a little too short for it, so (expecially when put INTO the water) he was a little overwhelmed. We tried letting go of him, and he sure floated, but HATED it and wiggled and flailed til we grabbed him again. It was so cute!! We ended up finding a spot in the pool where we could reach and taking him out of the jacket (much to his relief!). We enjoyed the evening, and ended it with some ice cream (best way to end a night)!!

In other news, Scott is mobile! He hasn't actually crawled the traditional way yet, but he gets on his hands and knees, and knows that in order to get something out of reach, he needs to move forward. So he scooches his knees forward (inches... just barely moved at all) and then lunges himself towards the goal toy. He gets where he wants to go, and is getting better and better every day! It is so exciting to see him grow and explore. He is so active, and determined!! When he wants something, he does what it takes to get it, and is very focused on it once he gets it. He is like his dad in that way!

Attention all UT drivers and parents!!!

The following image is of a crazy who is now on the loose... out driving on the streets, and available to date your sons!! Beware of her, and if you pass her in your car, or see her with your son... beware! She's nothing but trouble and danger!!!!!

Just kidding Mick!! Happy Sweet 16!! We love you and miss you!!!   And just kidding to all parents of potential dates for Micki, she'd kill me if i ruined any of those!! 


Besides discovering where mommy and daddy come into his room, Scott realized today that the pad blocking his view was easily moved, and this is how i found him...

The finished room!

Finally, one room completely done! No more hanging necessary, no more painting necessary, nothing left to do but play in it! I was so sad to leave the cute nursery we put together for Scott in Spanish Fork before he even got to sleep in it ONCE!! So Im glad that we finished his space, and im so glad with how it turned out!!

The red squares behind that quilt were a pain to stick straight and even, but after much trial and error, measuring and remeasuring, they got on, and look straight!!
My mom made the window covering out of the back piece of the crib skirt... they match now and you'd never know the back is missing!!
Scott had nothing hanging in his closet in Spanish Fork, and since its a bit smaller than his other room, we took the closet doors off for now to make more space for pulling out toys and getting our play on! Jenna helped me put the blue ribbon on those canvas bins, and they are currently holding Scott's books, magnets, stuffed animals and other toys.
If you look close you can see the new tan and white of the walls in the living room (which is the next project to be finished, but its still in the making).
I am loving this new home more and more as i get things finished and tweaked just the way I want them. Its starting to come together and feel like home!!

I lied, this isnt the first finished room... the guest room was finished first, but im not posting pictures of that one. Youre just gonna have to come see for yourself!! ;)

Carrot Top

One of my most recent purchases (yes... one of the screaming deals my mom helped me find... crazy bargain lady!!) was a food processor so that I can start making my own baby food. Those little jars of food are so expensive, and if I make it myself, I know EXACTLY whats in it!! Well, we tested it out and made carrots this week! Scott has had peas and applesauce: the first of which hasnt gone over as well as the second, but carrots was a new thing for him! You could tell that he recognized it as a new flavor, but he sure wasnt letting much fall back out like he does when peas are on the spoon!! Had to take a picture of the bright orange mess he made (I did say that he didnt let AS MUCH come back out... always: something ends up on his chubby little cheeks!!)

CiCi's visit

The best part about coming home from Florida, was that my mom arrived in Phoenix 2 hours before we did, so the partying didnt have to stop (for me... Dude had to go back to work). Dude flew to UT the weekend before we went to FL and retrieved all of our furniture, and our house was a mess!! So my mom flew down to help me with Scott while i painted and got the house in order... well there wasnt much "house-ordering" til the last day because I was too busy enjoying her company and showing her my new town. We spent our days shopping (its amazing the bargains I can find when my personal shopper is with me, and we have 4 days of nonstop shopping), visiting, having lunches with friends, and just enjoying ourselves!! Finally we got some painting and decorating done yesterday, and the house is really starting to come together... We had a great time, and lots of the pictures I want to post are on an airplane back to UT right now, but I do have a few of Cici and Scott playing with Sam!! Thanks for visiting mom, we love you!!!!!

The Sunshine State: Part 2

Scott was a little leary about the beach that first day, but we redeemed ourselves by taking him to the pool... which he LOVED!!! Here you can see him demonstrating his splashing skills... in Papi's face!!

We had tons of fun in the pool and played and splashed for quite a while (in 6 month old time, of course)
Once we had worn him down, we headed down the coast to another beach that Mike had recommended, and it was awesome! The sand was like a fine powder, and we learned from the first day that Scott needed a barrier to entry, so we used the pacifier to block attempts at sand eating, and he just played and sat in the sand under Aunt Elena's umbrella and enjoyed himself!

We stopped at Cracker Barrell on our way back from the beach weekend, and they had gator paraphenalia everywhere!! Dude, the gator fan, couldnt resist. We bought a gator outfit and thought we better just take a picture in this rocking chair, cause bringing it home on an airplane would have been an expensive event!! But he sure looked cute in it!!

After the beach, we spent time with family and Scott got to meet a lot of family and cousins and friends who hadnt met him yet! Scotts great grandma, Mama, has the magic touch with babies, and Scott immediately entered into the mama trance and was putty in her hands. It was too cute!

Dude and I left Scott with Grammy and went to Universal Islands of Adventure on Monday and enjoyed a day out! We didnt take the camera, but went on rollercoasters, watched some shows and did it all before lunch! The park was pretty empty, I mean: who goes to a theme park on a Monday the week after schools started!!! It was a fun day, and grammy and papi enjoyed the little guy while we were away!

Alyssa and Jenny came to spend the last 2 days with us, and we went to Kobe for a teppanyaki dinner. Scott was so entertained by the flames and show that he didnt fuss at all (usually resteraunts are an adventure). Scott loved his cousin Alyssa and she played with him and entertained him and fed him and bathed him and just took right over! It was so fun to watch!!

Scott loved the vacation, the beach and all of the attention! I dont know exactly how we are going to readjust him to only having me to pay him attention during the day! Thanks Grammy and Papi, Elena and Mike, Jenny Wade and Alyssa!!! We had a great time and we will be back as soon as possible!!!!

The Sunshine State

We just got back from our summer vacation to Florida! Grammy and Papi Bori hadn't seen Scott since he was 4 weeks old, and they were floored at his huge-ness! The first day, we hung out with Papi in the yard! Scott LOVED the Gator, which of course melted Papi just a little bit more!!

Off to the beach!!! Scott's first day at the beach was a little windy, but that didnt stop his parents from draggin him out there anyways!

Scott was so curious about the sand, and kept trying to eat it. After knocking his hand away a few times, he just got mad that he couldnt eat it, and that was the end of that. We learned tho, and at the next beach... we were prepared!

Dude, Scott and I went up to St Pete from Sarasota to have sushi with Jenny, Wade and Alyssa. We drove over the St Pete bridge, which is a LONG bridge... we were driving over the ocen for at least 15 minutes! It was awesome!!

In his father's footsteps

Today, Dude and Scott sat down to their first lego challenge! Legos are one of Dude's favorite toys, and he can't wait to buy Scott his first set of fat, all Scott added was a certain amount of moisture to the creation!! It will get more fun everytime!!