October 27- Scott, Isaac and Mommy took a jet plane (yes, one adult vs. 2 kids. we all survived!) to Utah. First order of business: We carved pumpkins. Well, Bubba carved pumpkins. Scott was not a fan of the pumpkin goop, but did take a carving tool to a scrap chunk, and had a pretty good time with that.
OCTOBER 28- Elder Devan Scott Francis returned honorably from a 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in the San Juan Puerto Rico Mission. Isaac met and Scott re-met him, and it was the start (and re-start) of beautiful friendships!
October 29- Daddy flew into town. Scott, Isaac, Mommy and Daddy went to dinner with Aunt Nat and Aunt TT, and mommy and daddy went laser-tagging with them. FUN!
October 30- Family from everywhere came to town for the weekend. Family pictures got rained out. Sooshee was eaten, games were played, and trick or treating happened. Our little Jedi LOVED that! After the first house, he said "I have a candy!" After the second house, he said "MOM, I have 2 candies!!" He could have gone on all night!
October 31- Elder Devan gave an inspiring talk on finding true happiness. He is totally the same, but improved! Love him!! After church, we ate. And ate. And visited. And ate.
Nov 1- Daddy flew back to AZ, out of towners drove home, and Scott Isaac and Mommy stayed for a week of playing with Uncle Devan!
Nov 2 & 3- Sisters Retreat 2010! We ate, watched movies, slept in, ate, shopped, got pampered... lather rinse repeat for 2 days! They are my sisters, but I LOVE calling them my friends. Can't wait til 2011!!
Nov 4&5- Watched lots of LOST, saw lots of friends, went to the temple with my brother (Love him!), spent lots of time outside on bikes and on swings, and generally renewed relationships and enjoyed ourselves. Nov 4- after the kids were in bed, the "original Francis 6" ate gigantic shakes, played games, laughed, and watched some LOST. Love those 5 people!
Nov 6- On a jet plane home. Ready to see Daddy and sleep in our own beds, but SO glad we were able to spend the time and be there. FAMILY IS AWESOME!!

Pure Testimony

Was changing Scott's diaper the other day, and he was singing (which isn't unusual) but I soon realized that I was recognizing all the words, and that he was correctly singing "I am a Child of God", one of our favorite songs to sing as a family. Luckily, I had his dad on the phone at the time so he could get in on the cute action, and even luckier... he REPEATED it. Even now, if you ask im to, he will sing this song for you. Get your requests in quick tho! You never know when he will completely stop and move onto his next cute skill!

This one's for you, Nana and Papa!!