In the midst of posting the previous blog, I heard giggles behind me. I think I could film a never ending video of these two together and it would be fully entertaining. Boys....


Its Electric!

Best Garage Sale find of the CENTURY!! I got this slide for 3, count em, 3 dollars! We are using it inside until further grass notice, and Scott is distracted and entertained endlessly! After putting him at the top of the slide 43 times and walking away, he immediately followed and wanted "up" directly followed by pointing in the slide's direction. Never had a child learned anything as fast as Scott learned how to nod when we were requiring that as a "yes, I want to go on the slide" Cute stuff!

Baby's Best Friend

He Said, He Said

Scott: woowoo

Sam: Woof Woof

Scott: I wonder if I can run over the dog with this toy?

Sam: I wonder if they will notice if the kid disappears?

Scott: Chasing the dog is funny

Sam: This is not funny

Scott: Sam is my best friend!!

Sam: Where is my best friend when I need to be saved?! DUDE!!!

Scott: giggle giggle giggle

Sam: I guess this isn't so bad ::wag wag wag::

Scott and Sam: At least I have entertainment while stuck in this house all summer!!

Mommy: At least they have entertainment while stuck in this house all summer!!

When I ___, you ___, we _____

It all started at an un-named fast food place, when Scotty's daddy handed him a cup of ketchup and a fry....
It was love at first DIP
Now, nothing can be eaten unless it is dipped in something else. Apples: peanut butter, carrots: hummus or ranch, bread: spagetti sauce, soup, etc, grilled cheese: tomato soup, and most recently bread: water (cause there was nothing else for him to dip in, and it just HAD to be dipped!) basically what im saying is; everything: anything!!!

Pros: He will eat more veggies, he is content feeding himself, and its helping with his hand/eye coordination.
Cons: Learning hand/eye coordination.

3 baths a day, anyone???

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

To my wonderful mom, grandmothers, mother-in-law, and every other woman of faith who has effected my life for the better! Happy Mommy Day!!


He might just turn into a giant raisin...

He Kicks and Splashes in it!
It is his favorite drink! (I'd even venture that he likes it more than milk...)

He runs through it, swats at it, and can't get enough of it. Removal from it is a painful, kicking/screaming fight.

But oh, the naps that result from it are FABULOUS!!

He's a Wa Wa Wa WATER BOY!! Takes after his fish of a daddy! :)