Driving Mr. Bozo

Scott was fascinated by this car in the arcade area of the store. He often sits in these arcade game cars, but this was the first one that he could sit on the seat AND steer the wheel. It got EVEN BETTER when daddy stuck a quarter in!! He loved it!


What can I say?
He loves it!

Feeding himself, sweet summer deliciousness, whats not to love??

Manly Dudes

Big Dude... mowed the weeds/slowly but surely growing grass in the yard.
Little Dude... HAD to help.
Big... walked circles around
Little... who gripped his teeny lawnmower and watched with wide eyes
Both... got all red and sweaty within minutes
Mom... watched from the shade
and was the provider of otter pops at the end!!

Now I can't quite decide which of us was "cooler" in the eyes of the 16 month old... The DAD with cool, loud, matching lawnmower, or the MOM with the food. I think we both gained Scotty love points, and those things are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD!!!

Canine Love

Suddenly, Scott isn't quite as annoying, and Sam isn't quite as boring... and these two boys are having SO MUCH FUN being friends!
Scott has been known to just use Sam as a seat, and Sam is kind enough to just sit there and TAKE IT! What a good doggie! These two are gonna be best buds, and it's beginning already! The trouble that these two could get into... the possibilities are endless... and Im not sure how excited I am to find out first hand!
For now, at least... its just the cutest thing EVER!!!


On June 27, 2009, I started on a downhill slope of sick. Finally, on the 29th I told my mommy that I was sick and why and she was here by the 30th. My wonderful mother left her home on SUCH short notice to come to my rescue, to do my laundry, cook my food, and take care of me and my family. My mom is such a selfless person, and I am so grateful for the service and love that she provided for my family when I couldnt. She left for home last night, which is a bittersweet thing. That means Im feeling better, but I would be satisfied if she made herself a permanent resident in our guest room! 10 days... 10 days and she will be back. Just gotta keep telling myself that!! Thank you with all my heart, Mom, we couldn't have done it without you!!! We miss you already!