Doggy Tales

Today we went on a family outing. To the dog park!! There is an award winning dog park 10 minutes from our house, we have a dog, we've lived here for 6 months, and we hadn't been yet!!
Sam was in heaven! There is a huge man made lake for the dogs, and Sam (surprisingly to us) got right in there with the others, all wet and playing. He took particular interest in a girl dog who loved to be chased (sam is a chaser through and through). Here are a few shots of them on their doggy date!

As far as I know, they didnt exchange digits, or plan to meet in the same place again any time soon... I thought it went so well! ;)

The dog park, has a human park area... to entertain the humans too, I guess. Scott got bubbles from his friend Rylee's birthday party and they are his favorite thing in the world! He tries to grab them, and when they pop, looks up with a HUGE grin on his face. Too fun!

My boys watching the doggies play! Such a fun day on a beautiful 75 degree January afternoon in Arizona!

Day at the Park

Yesterday was the birthday party of Scott's friend Rylee, the first to turn one in our playgroup! We met up at the playground in the outdoor mall and played! Heres the group of babies! From left to right: Ryland, Anderson, Matias, Rylee (birthday girl!) and Scott. Rylan came late and Colin was busy eating in the back... so they are missing from the pic.
Scott walked around the little toys like it was nothin! And of course, he and Anderson (his partner in crime) discovered that there were rocks and dirt nearby, and it turned into a game. "how do we get around our moms to that DIRT??" Such boys...
Scott pounding on a ladybug with Rylan and Ryland (yes, those are their names... and then theres Rylee... confusing sometimes!)
Scott was headed to the dirt, minding his own business, when his partner in crime whipped around from the flower he was standing against, and TACKLED Scott! It was so funny to watch, and Scott just kept crawling, intent on those rocks! He would not be distracted. Again... such boys!
My little cutie is the next to turn one in this group of babies... :O! I dont know if I can handle it as well as Stacey seemed to! ONE YEAR!!? How did the time escape me? Im sure Ill be thinking that every year of his life! Hes my little studman! Love him!!
P.S. Happy Birthday Rylee!!

Tadpole Generation

Its official--I gave birth to an aquatic species!! Scott had his first swim lesson today, with his friends Anderson, Colin and Rylan. The instructor kept saying how surprised she was that none of them shed a tear, but I wasnt too shocked! These kids are so adventurous, and LOVE their water!! As soon as we were in, just listening to the lady, Scott was busy splashing! He didnt waste any time!

This first week, we learned how to "float" on our backs, which wasnt Scott's favorite thing. I dont know if it was because he'd rather be splashing, or if he felt insecure being held so far from me, but he sure got clingy when I tried to get him to do the backstroke!!

We also learned how to go under! Scott was a master at that, and he was the first to volunteer! He came up looking a bit confused about what just happened to him, but it didnt phase him a bit, and he carried on with his splashing and fun. Overall, he did GREAT and just needs to get used to the back stuff... we've got time!

The gang! Scott and I are so glad to be in these lessons, and just LOVE our good swimming buddies! Here's to a summer of WET!!!

Walk Like an Egyptian

Scott has been pulling up and walking along furniture for months, and I finally went out and got him a walk behind toy... and what else? He hates it. Hes a chicken! Every time I put him behind it and walked across the room to call to him, he'd get all shy and sit down to crawl over.

FINALLY, hes been walking behind it, and now he will crawl to it just so that he can walk behind it. Does anyone have a "universal remote" that can pause time and stop this baby from growing into a kid!!

The music isnt quite loud in the video, but sometimes Scott will stop mid walk and dance to the music. Hes awesome...

Joe Dirt

Daddy needed a haircut, so we made it a family trip! Scott and mommy watched as daddy got his hair cut, and then it was Scotty's turn!!!

I know, I know... it just doesnt look like the kid had all that much hair to begin with... allow me to explain.
All of Scott's hair is fairly even, and short... except the back! Scott had a mullet like CRAZY! It was so long that it was starting to curl into a rats tail on the back of his neck, and oh boy! when that kid wore a collared shirt (which, is mostly to church... best place ever to have a mullet!!) it hung out and down the outside of the collar for everyone to see. This might not have bothered you, you MAY be more attached to your child's hair and want to "wait til a year" or "let it be shaggy". Shaggy maybe, but not a shaggy mullet. It was driving me nuts!!!

Scott was a super champ! He just watched and played with his daddy while Jess cut the mullet off, and when she went to even off the stray strands on top, he was just curious! Kept looking up to try and see what her hands were doing up there. It was cute! He was such a good sport!!

And now!!! He looks the same to you, i know... but next time you see Scott in a collared shirt, get behind him. Then you'll be able to see how awesome and sharp hes lookin!! Hot stuff!!

The World is My Drum

If it is somewhat flat, somewhat hard and somewhat within reach, Scott will drum on it!! He has been given a little drum from grandparents, uses Dude's Rock band drums whenever possible, and uses (with skill) the metal chairs at chuch as a drumset every week. So, I pulled out some old pots and a wisk and let him loose! He loved the noise that the wisk made on the pots, and would bang bang bang, then look up with a HUGE grin on his face. He now goes straight to that cupboard all the time, and I have tripped over a pot on my kitchen floor more than once.
A funny thing about Scott not related to drums at all: Scott knows he has his dad wrapped around his finger. He knows this so well, in fact, that he uses it to his advantage. If he is in the backseat of the car, being taken somewhere against his will, he yells "dadada". If he is in his crib and doesnt want to be sleeping he yells "dadada". He knows the power of those words, and his dad goes for it every time! Smart little fella!
The next... I dunno... insert a famous drummer's name here!

You've Got a Friend in Me

Scott and I have been BUSY this week!! Playdates galore! It is so fun to take Scott to these playdates, and storytimes, and activities with his friends. He recognizes them, their moms, and the places. He loves to play with the other kids, and mostly watch everyone as they do their things. Its so fun to see him grow up, and I am loving more and more that we have these wonderful friends to grow up with!!
This is Matias. He is following in Scott's HUGE footsteps. He has been at the same weights as Scott was (although he is a few months younger). He is gonna be Scott jr. I just let Matias' mom, Martha, hold Scott whenever she wants a taste of whats coming her way! Scott loves jumperoos and exersaucers lately, as long as hes on the outside. try to stick him in one, and you wont hear the end of it! Look how solidly he is standing!!
7/10 of the babies in our group! This picture doesnt accurately show how large Scott is in comparison to the rest of them... but let this be proof. The overalls: size 2t.

Scott and his best buddy Anderson! They are one week apart, and do everything at the same time. grow teeth, learn to walk, etc. Amy and I are constantly keeping track of the other so that we know what to expect from our little ones soon.

Ahoy Matey!

Yesterday was my best buddy Jenna's birthday, and we were lucky enough to get to celebrate with her! Her wonderful mom sent a bag of pirate goodies so that I could decorate, and our house was transformed into pirate awesome-ness! Observe Dude's pirate snarl and hook. Very intimidating, right? ;)I called my house on skype so that we could get some help in the singing department, and they did their job. It sounded as terrible and off key as it would have if the whole family were there! Thanks for adding that effect guys! It wouldnt have been the same without it! She missed a candle... and I only did 12 cause thats how many cupcakes there were. Imagine if there had been the right amount of candles! My kitchen might have ignited! ;) Just kidding Jenna!!
I have no experience being a pirate, and put my hat on the wrong way at first, but I was corrected quickly by this master pirate (made obvious by her master pirate grimace, seen here)

My cute pirate men!!

Scott and the eye patch didnt really get along, but his torturous mother just *had* to get the picture!!
Happy Birthday Jenna! We love you!

Dancing King

This past weekend, our family took a road trip to California, where we celebrated New Years with Bori's, and attended a wedding of Dude's cousin Brittany. At the wedding, of course, there was dancing, and Scott just LOVED it! He was happy to be watching everyone dance, and if you got in his face and danced, he sure got wigglin and gigglin!
He wasn't dancing in this one, was being taken off of his dad's shoulders. But it sure looks like hes doing some kind of latin somethin-or-other dance I cant think of the name of... you get it. He's cute.

One of us would hold Scott, and the other would dance and play with him from the front. Those little hanging legs would get KICKIN! He would be waving his arms and giggling as he wiggled and danced along with ya. He's definitley got the Bori dance blood. Thank goodness for that!!
Congrats to Brittany and David. You guys are wonderful, and we love you. Thanks for havin a party so Scott could get DOWN!!