Happy Birthday to Devan!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Devan!!!

We are sorry we can't be there to help you celebrate (like you need OUR help to party!!)

You are one cool dude... we didn't name our son Scott for nothin!! :)

Love you BRO!!!

Walking to the mailbox

Scott, Sam and I take lots of walks throughout the day. Most of the time its just long enough to let Sam go to the bathroom and stretch his legs a bit (hes not used to being in an apt all day)

I bought Scott a pair of sunglasses because hes always got his eyes closed on these walks when the sun hits the wrong way... I was worried that he would hate them, or they would hurt his head. He doesnt even notice that they are there, and keeps his eyes open the whole walk!!!! I tried to get a neighbor to take our picture so Sam could be in it, but no one was home... next time Sam, next time!
Oh, and Scott has an awesome Elvis lip going on here... hes a stud!

If You're Happy and You Know It...

There is one sure way to stop Scott from being sad, or to make him smile... and it is this song! As soon as I start singing it you can see him getting happier. He doesnt like being put into his carseat, unless youre singing this song... then hes ok with it. Im gonna have to go through the Children's songbook and come up with some other good ones so he doesnt get bored with this one! So, if you have any suggestions, or your kids have a favorite, pass it on!!

Family Photo Shoot

These are pictures of the pictures we had taken today!! (Don't tell!!!!)

Pushing up

Scott is getting so strong! Yesterday i laid him on his tummy and lay down in front of him and started talking. He lifted his whole chest right up and looked at me! He is growing like a weed (a cute weed) and I am loving every minute! I am a lucky lady to be able to hang out with this kid every day and watch him/ help him grow up!

The Exersauser

Our friends, the Bayles', gave us this activity center, swearing it was the best thing they ever did for their 2 year old twins... well, i get it now!! I decided to try Scott out in it because he always wants to be over your shoulder or in a sitting position so he can see everything, and he is awesome at holding his head upright. Well, he loved it! The toy right in front of him in the picture is a globe with chickens in it that rotates... and little eggs drop around and make noise when he moves it. Fascinated him! Until I moved a horse around on the other side that made a clicking noise, and his attention went straight there! He didn't last too long cause his little neck got tired, but that will be a daily playtime from now on... for sure!!

The many faces and names of Scott

This is Scott...
OR: Scotty, Taz, Tazmafraz, Tazmito, Dude-ito, Little Dude, Great Scott, Sweet Cheeks, Stinker. ....
... Booger, Boog, Little Man, Little Bubba, Monkey, 3B,Doogie, and Cici's Love Muffin (of course)


Surfer Dude's first Swim!

Well, we lathered him up in sunscreen and dove on in!!! Scott loved the water (we could tell because he was just relaxed and didnt scream!) He kicked and wiggled, and seemed fully content to be there!
His dad was thrilled to be getting him into the water, and is looking forward to having a fellow fish in his son... just gotta give him a few more months! We will definitely be regulars at the pool!!

Arizona move/ Farewells

Dude got an awesome new job in Scottsdale, AZ! We had lots of farewell parties and will miss everyone that we left back in UT. Words cannot describe how blessed we feel to have so many people who love and care about us! This will be a great new adventure for our little family and we are excited! And... if anyone knows anyone who needs a new house, I know an awesome one in Spanish Fork!! We love you guys!!! Hugs and Love, The Bori's

2 months old

Scott had his 2 month well baby appointment, and is topping the charts!! 13 lbs 11 oz, 23 inches and 40 cm circumference head (the size of a 3 month old... thanks to his grandpa Bubba). He was in the 99th percentile of weight and 75th percentile of length... all around a big boy! He still has his heart murmur, but according to his growth, its not causing a problem, and hasnt stunted his growth at all!!!
He is smiling ALL the time! He tells stories and holds his head up like a champ! His favorite place to be is over your shoulder so he can see everything that is going on! He watches people, and will follow you with his eyes if you walk away. He is getting so big so fast!!!

Little Dude, or Mommy look-a-like?

Some people say he looks just like his daddy, and others insist that he's "all francis"... What do you think??
(Either way, hes the cutest thing around, thats for sure!!!)