The Dudes

Before Scott was even born, I found "Big Dude" "Little Dude" T-shirts and HAD TO BUY THEM! I figured eventually I would have a boy, and eventually said boy would fit into a 3T shirt. I also figured that if I never DID have a boy, I would have no shame in putting a little girl into a "Little Dude" shirt. It was 2 months later that I found out I was pregnant with Scott... so it all worked out!

Christmas 2009- I had to get pictures even though the "Little Dude" shirt was still a bit big, because I had another little dude coming SOON!Enter next little dude. Problem: I didn't have another "Little Dude" T-shirt! Luckily, my cooler than cool sister Ali made a "Littlest Dude" shirt just for Isaac... and this week, I realized it would FIT! So, we had a forced photo shoot! My boys are such good sports!!

Nothing makes Isaac happier than seeing a camera. That little red "focus" light flashes and he is all cheese and grins. It never fails. And I'm in love with it!

My not-so-little "Little Dude". Had a little somethin' somethin' on his face. Don't mind that. Just focus on the cute that's oozing out of his eyeballs!

I love my three dudes!!!


Dave and Stacy said...

So adorable. Bravo Ali for saving the day making the Littlest Dude shirt. So how exactly did you engineer cuteness to ooze out of you Dudes? I think that is something we all need to know about. Maybe you need to be introduced to Oprah so that she can put you in her Master Class series. We need more Jessi Bori's in this world.
Love you!!

Debbie Bori said...

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!