Count Your Many Blessings

We returned on Sunday from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah. It was a great trip!! I carved my first Turkey, made my first apple pie (with the help of my mother in law) and participated in 3 delicious Thanksgiving dinners! The Bori's came to UT from Florida, and they were the reason for our drive up! We spent our days hanging out and watching Scott be cute, and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Unfortunately, Im not the one that took pictures, and I havent gotten them from the photographers yet. So, in order to not be posting about Thanksgiving weeks later, I thought I'd post now and add pictures later.
About 2 months ago, I was challenged by a friend to write what I was grateful for every day from then until Thanksgiving... and I did! And here it is!!
Oct 6- Im grateful to have in-laws that I love
Oct 7- Im grateful for a beautiful, healthy baby boy!
Oct 8- Im grateful that my husband is such a good daddy to his son
Oct 9- Im grateful for the new tires on my truck... they were expensive and I hated them, but they get me where I need to go!
Oct 10- Im grateful to have friends near and far!
Oct 11- Im grateful for movie days with Jenna
Oct 12- Im grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ
Oct 13- Im grateful for chances I have to learn
Oct 14-Im grateful for the weather in AZ
Oct 15-Im grateful for my calling
Oct 16- Im grateful for HOME
Oct 17- Im grateful for teeth that come in like magic!
Oct 18- Im grateful to have a sister named Ali Scissorhands
19- Im greatful for the missionary program of the church
Oct 20-Im grateful for my new, awesome, rest of my life JOB
Oct 21- Im grateful for a professional mom to teach me the way
Oct 22- Im grateful for a brother willing to serve the Lord!
Oct 23- Im grateful that my son will never doubt that he is loved!
Oct 24- Im grateful for a smart husband
Oct 25- Im grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
Oct 26- Im grateful that Dude's 4 sisters treat me like #5.
Oct 27- Im grateful for all the things I learned from my parents about how to be good and love it
Oct 28- Im grateful for the internet.
Oct 29- Im grateful that I have found a group of great friends in my new spot
Oct 30- Im grateful for the 99 cent only store. So many things to be found!
Oct 31-Im grateful that Scott is big and strong. Fat baby = healthy baby
Nov 1- Im grateful for leaves that change color (at least SOMEWHERE in the world they do)
Nov 2- Im grateful that I went to Florida to be a custodian
Nov 3- Im grateful for machines that do the laundry for me
Nov 4- Im grateful that I live in the United States of America
Nov 5- Im grateful for the best dad!
Nov 6- Im grateful for airplanes. Never knew how grateful I'd be til I moved away from home.
Nov 7- Im grateful for a roof over my family's head
Nov 8- Im grateful for
Nov 9- Im grateful for webcams
Nov 10- Im grateful that my mom taught me to cook
Nov 11- Im grateful that Albert James "Dude" Bori was born 26 years ago
Nov 12- Im grateful for the Ensign
Nov 13- Im grateful to be a daughter, sister, wife, aunt, and mom.
Nov 14- Im grateful for infant tylenol
Nov 15- Im grateful to know where i came from and where Im going
Nov 16- Im grateful to be able to bear children
Nov 17- Im grateful for those forever friends!
Nov 18- Im grateful for libraries
Nov 19- Im grateful for health insurance
Nov 20- Im grateful that I can walk
Nov 21- Im grateful for walk in closets
Nov 22- Im grateful for trials
Nov 23- Im grateful for my littlest sister McKenna. Shes 16 already, I cant believe it!
Nov 24- Im grateful for all the ways to keep in touch with friends!
Nov 25- Im grateful that my husband is so thoughtful!
Nov 26- Im grateful for night time road trips so Scott can sleep
Nov 27- Im grateful for my happy life!!

It was interesting for me to go back and read the list. I could tell what was going on in my life according to what I was thanksful for. My life is so blessed, and I am so glad to have had that chance to remind myself of how blessed i am every day! Thanks Jenna! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family, and Scott was so happy to be surrounded by people to play with. He wasnt bored for one second, and once again, Im paying for it now that its just he and I back at home! Pictures to come!!


Emil, Caroline and An Angel... said...

That's quite a list missy =) but it made me think too. I got thinking with some of them, hey yeah, I'm grateful for that too..and what a fun challenge from a friend. Thanks for sharing :D

The Martin's said...

That's funny...on Nov 17th, I was thinking the exact same thing!

The Bori Family said...

I'm grateful you posted all the things you are grateful for!! what a neat idea!!!